Who made it to the 2019 first major travel sale & where they’re going

January. While others create a list of resolutions, others pen destinations for the year. A travel sale slated on the first month of the year is a good time to turn dreams into a reality. At a bargain, an item or two on the travel bucket list will surely be ticked off.

When major airlines like Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Air Asia converge in a single venue and offer the lowest travel fares for a limited time, expect a mob. The first to come are the first to be served.

At the first major travel sale this year, BDO’s Great Travel Sale at SM Lanang Premier, the credit card company’s valued clients were offered first dibs on the deals. They got to enter the venue before the mall opened to the rest of the would-be travelers started flooding in.


Gene Bangayan is off to HK for a trade show; Michelle Ang is going to Boston; and it’s Brisbane for Shauna Yap & Ralph Yap

Wowie Teves is heading to Frankfurt while Jen Lim to Croatia, Irene Calixto & Czarina Dioso are traveling to Eastern Europe

Vanessa Ong is heading to San Francisco; Kirby & Gay Te will be food tripping in Osaka


It was like a convention of world travelers. Conversations would start with “where are you off too this time” and “which airline”, and a lively exchange follows. One or two friends soon join the group and the livelier it gets.

Tips are shared. Travelers familiar with a destination extend their knowledge—why it’s wise to visit, best time of the year to do so, a charming hotel to stay in, must-dine restaurants and which tours to take.

In a travel sale like this, the world seemed smaller. Airline destinations are increasing, and offered at a fraction of its original fare cost, each dream destination is easier to grasp.


Korea for Diana Yu, Vancouver for Dolly Yuste & Hong Kong for Billy Gimenez

LA Pizzaro, Melissa Suarez, Tetet Tolentino & Vicco Piodos will be driving around Israel

Ajean & Wesley Bangayan’s eyes are on Honolulu; Bong & Brenda Cabang is off to Sydney

It’s Korea for Edgar & Yvonne Dela Fuente; Michelle & Stephanie Bangayan are also looking to a Honolulu vacation


What’s on your bucket list? Make it come true. The BDO Great Travel Sale at SM Lanang Premier is on its last day today.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper