Davao in 2019, forecasts by insiders

What’s in store for Davao in 2019? Let’s ask the experts.


Otoy Mercado, stylist, make-up artist

Where do you see Davao fashion heading in 2019? Will it sustain the presence of local tribe-inspired fashion it made in 2018?

I’m glad that the local tribal pattern has been given the proper exposure not only in the local market but also in the international scene. Though it has its down side of over exposure and market saturation.

Art Boncato, Under Secretary, Department of Tourism

Aside from MICE, what specific facet of Davao should be promoted to lure in the tourists?

Sustainable tourism sites and their support communities deserves to be celebrated for making efforts in striking a balance between protection and preservation of the environment, heritage, or culture, and the desire for optimum livelihood opportunities for all stakeholders.

Stylist Otoy Mercado; DOT USec. Art Boncato

Ingrid Taojo, Fitness coach/Owner, Activo Fitness

What is the fitness trend this 2019?

Functional fitness, referring to practical manual labor, and intermittent fasting, which means skipping a meal. My top two bet. Both trends align with God’s call to the simple life, surprisingly.


Jeff Ysulat Fuentes, City Population Officer, City Health Office Davao

There was a significant rise of HIV and AIDS cases in 2018. How can we raise more awareness?

The issue of HIV is similar to teenage pregnancy; they are symptoms of a deeper social problem. Problems that arise because we do not sexuality out in the open and highlight responsible sexual practices. How can we discuss protection (condom use) if we cannot even start discussing sex?

Fitness Coach Ingrid Taojo; City Health Officer Jeff Fuentes



Hazel Tagimacruz, Cathay Pacific District Sales & marketing manager

What are the three top international destinations for the Davaoeños?

1.Hong Kong with the Cathay Dragon direct flights, HK is the easiest weekend getaway; 2. Japan for shopping, night lights and all things tech!; 3. Tel Aviv for its natural wonders and religious experience, plus it’s visa free for Filipinos.

Leebai Ambolodto, Food writer, Edge Davao

What will the Davao dining scene be this 2019?

Davao dining scene for 2019, I think, will focus more on everything local and naked flavours and taste on dishes. Open kitchen will also be a prevailing factor for restaurants — allowing their patrons to see how their food is prepared.


Cathay Pacific's Hazel Tagimacruz; Food writer Leebai Ambolodto


Hotel & Hospitality
Ken Kapulong, General Manager, Seda Abreeza

How will the hospitality sector fair this year?

We remain optimistic for 2019! With the forecasts for tourist influx and upcoming conventions, we have a good outlook for the year.


Art Milan, President, Davao Chamber of Commerce

What’s the business outlook for Davao this year?

We expect business in Davao will continue to be strong in 2019. This will be driven by the ongoing property development projects and the Build Build Build Program of the government.

For Agribusiness, with the government’s infrastructure program such as farm-to-market roads and agriculture facilities, the improvement in productivity and quality will considerably boost the region’s produce thereby making the prospects for our agribusiness industry very promising this year.


Hotel Manager Ken Kapulong; Businessman Art Milan


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