Insulares de Mayo at Waterfront Insular Davao : something beautiful, something grand

Waterfront Insular Hotel played host to “Insulares de Mayo” a three-day extravaganza with three ambitious components that spelled glamor. It did not only highlight the seaside destination hotel as an idyllic setting for dream weddings and social affairs, but gathered the best talents in the event planning and decorating industry. The result? Artistic milieus that will make every bride-to-be dizzy with excitement and those with the ring on their finger look forward to a grand wedding anniversary celebration.

Kicking off the affair was the core event, “Beautiful Weddings at the Waterfront.” This was truth to the hotel’s claim of “a momentous wedding and celebrations fair.” Davao’s wedding and events decorators exhibited their skills on how they can turn every bride and celebrant’s fantasy setting into a reality.

The month of May is never complete without the “Flores de Mayo.” The hotel’s celebration of the centuries old tradition of faith presented the exquisitely designed ternos by the city’s young and seasoned couturiers. The standouts were the ternos of Kenny Ladaga, Neil Jimlani and Aries Buenvenida, while Toping Zamora stamps his signature winning look on his jewel-toned pieces.

Kenny Ladaga’s exquisite piece on Nicole Culaste

Reyna de las Propetas Pauline Benedicto in Aries Buenvenida

Parada de Flores de Mayo’s Reyna Elena, DOT Regional Director Tanya Tan in Mark Sayad

Drama in white. Weam Ahmed wears Aries Buenvenida

Toping Zamora is defining his trademark details on the ternos of Leah May and Laureana Santos

Flowers and bows

Joining the local artists is world-renowned designer Renee Salud. Centering his collection on the Maguindanao native woven Inaul tapestry, Salud’s breathes his genius on the fabrics to create head-turning evening wear. The Cinderella effect will come to play turning every girl into the belle of the ball. 

Renee Salud’s Inaul Tapestry finale

Curtain call. Designer Renee Salud with his guest models

“Insulares de Mayo” ups the ante and Waterftont is faced with a challenge to make their next event even grander. I will be looking forward to that affair.

Waterfront GM Bryan Yves Lasala with the Insulares de Mayo team

Congratulations, Waterfront Insular Hotel!

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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