Marco Polo : The last night of August

To some it’s the ghost month, to Davaoeños it’s Kadayawan month, and it wasn’t about to end quietly. Marco Polo Davao wanted to exit August with one big splash!

Welcome beats

It’s the third edition of the hotel’s series of pool parties. People looked forward to it but on the appointed day, the skies decided to let off its raindrops. But who’s complaining? Like any production, the show must go on. It’s a pool party and everyone will get wet anyway.

Rainy night but who’s complaining

Party games made the gathering more fun while the party potions of Heineken Beer, Belvedere Vodka, Johnny Walker whiskey, and Smirnoff Mule turned up the party volume.

Party games.

Being the real leader that he is, General Manager Colin Healy, gamely jumped to the pool first, his way of kicking off the pool party. What followed was series of jumping and dumping of revelers. The pool was one big “dance floor” to DJs Wacky Masbad and Travis Monsod’s mixes, and everyone in there was wading and waving to the beat.

First man in the pool. Marco Polo GM Colin Healy

Men with the beats DJ Wacky Masbad & Travis Monsod

Pool scene

I normally never make it to the end of any party, but somehow in this pool party, I stayed until the the venue had to quiet down. Why? I was in love with the music. The sets had the tunes I can relate to, remixes of music I danced to in the disco era. Perhaps, the hotel should theme their parties to the music as well. Who knows who might turn up. Perhaps all the party people of the era in the venue? I don’t think they will fit in the pool deck. But there is the Olympic-sized pool to fill as well.

With Emjay & Vanessa

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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