How to celebrate a union

Tsikoy and Geneva originally planned a small wedding with a budget they raised. But no, the families wanted something special for the couple, especially from Geneva’s side. She’s the youngest in her family.

First dance.

“Something special” meant celebrating beyond the wedding day itself. How about four more parties? Why not?

With the list of invited guests growing threefold to include more relatives flying in from Manila, Cebu, Canada, USA, Japan, more family friends and friends-turned-family, it was also turning into a reunion. A good coordinator was needed to handle the 5-day shindig, one who knows everyone in the guest list. Adelaide, the bride’s cousin, came to the rescue—and she did a great job!

Day 1. Some would call it rehearsal dinner, they called it meet-and-greet dinner, the gathering on the eve of the big day. It was a good time to introduce the couple to both sides of the family and for families to get to know each other. For the Asistidos, it was bonding time, a chance to catch up where they left off.

Day 2. The wedding. After saying I do’s the new Mr. & Mrs. Leinard Donayre was welcomed to a ballroom filled with well-wishers. Dom Perignons, Yamazakis and single malt whiskeys flowed while the caterer served the best menu. Each component of a fun party was covered ensuring the celebration was a memorable one. Dancing went on for hours!

This happy photo at the church (Photo Roberto Castillo)
Flying in from Japan, the Castillos with the lady everyone can lean on, Adelaide

Emma Asistido, Emma Asistido & Baby Castillo

Day 3. To the highlands. The guests traveled to a cool spot in the mountains for a lazy Sunday. It was a good way to recharge after a night of revelry. But the feasting went on. Lunch was fresh salads and everything special Eden Nature Park can serve, and dinner was in a private setting in Marapangi, where the specialties like kuhol, spare ribs and lechon are the best. 

Day 4. First dip. From the highlands, the families moved to the island for a dip in the cool sea water and get some tan. Paradise island Beach Resort is always a good choice to gather the family. The beach is like a swimming pool at high tide and the food is consistently delicious.

Day 5. Second dip. It was as longer boat trip for the couple and their families this time. The series of celebrations should end on a high note and what better place for that than Pearl Farm Beach Resort. 

The Asistido families at Pearl Farm (Photo Mark Asistido)

But guess what? There was Day 6, the despedida dinner for the family. Lively chatter, laughter over crabs and shrimps, more photographs, and wishful thinking for another gathering in the near future. It’s never goodbye but see you soon!

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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