Filipino flavors in a heritage house

Dining at Tola, the new resident of the heritage house, is like giving us a glimpse of what how the Oboza’s entertained in the past

From French to Filipino, the cuisine served at the old Oboza house may have changed but house’s original architecture and old-world homey vibe remains the same. 

 The dining areas

The new resident in the old house is Tola, a restaurant named after a soup dish everybody is familiar with. 

On the official opening night, the scene may have been what it was in the past—the house fully lit, guests in every corner of the room from the veranda to the private rooms. Guests included the parents of the restaurant owners who perhaps dined with the Oboza’s in the past.

The menu & meal ender

The dinner menu listed the house recommendations. I personally loved the Bangus Sisig and the dessert, Ice Buko, which was nostalgic.

“We’re serving straight-up Filipino food – not fusion, not modern but classic and traditional Filipino dishes (sinigang, adobo, kare-kare) and Davaoeño staples (kinilaw, lato and guso salads, imbao soup, panga, bagaybay). We believe all Pinoy food IS comfort food.” said the owners. 

Kinilaw and Itlog na Pula Ensalada

The classic home-style favorites are prepared by Executive Chef Rob Pengson and the culinary team using lots of locally sourced ingredients. 

The best place to hang-out? The veranda. Now enclosed and fully air-conditioned. It serves as the sala of the house and it’s the perfect spot for a glass or two of the curated cocktails and signature drinks, or coffee after meals.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.