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Food and delivery service has never been an on all-time high. With the #stayhome directive, long lines in the public market and grocery, plus the risk of exposure to the virus, home delivery is the way to go. 

How many delivery services are out there? A lot. Local servers have cropped up with the high demand for delivery.  But even with the number, on special occasions like the recent Mother’s Day, chances are they declined to service what they can’t handle. 

Will delivery change under the GCQ? Easing on some restrictions to help the economy get back on track, more establishments have opened, including restaurants. Although dining is not allowed, food can be picked up or delivered. Has your favorite food joint opened yet? 

If you ask me, never has my craving this intense. The flood of good in my FB feed is not helping me veer away from wanting everything. Luckily, the ones I crave for can be enjoyed in the comforts of home. Here’s are my favorites from the local restaurants;

  • Happy Home Bakareta. It’s just one of my favorites from the long list. Happy Home is the sister company of everybody’s favorite caterer, Leandro’s. The Ready-To-Go (RTG) cooked and frozen food packs can serve two to three. Until Happy Home and Leandro’s open, snag your favorites like lengua, embutido, etc. at Aging’s Meat Shop Tionko and The Compound branches.
Happy Home’s Ready-To-Go goodies. Bakareta is one of my cravings; and Aging’s Meat Shop must try – Chorizong Bawang is perfect when grilled.

  • While you’re in Aging’s Meat Shop, my fave is the Chorizong Bawang. The garlic-showered goodie is perfect when grilled. Oh, and they deliver now.
  • Soup and ramen on rainy days. Good thing Sunahama is now serving their ramen via pick-up and delivery service. I’m longing for the homemade noodles on chicken broth. Delivery is via a third party service.
  • Dencia’s Tokwa Tostado and Pansit Bihon Tostado. Need I say more? Finally, it’s open to serve the cravings of the hungry locals.
  • Bistro Rosario’s Cream Roll and Mango Charlotte. I don’t need fancy pastries for desserts.  Paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, everyday can be my birthday. 
Bistro Rosario Mango Charlotte. I want you

  • Patok sa Manok’s Pork BBQ and Pansit Canton. If the fiestas were celebrated this month, imagine what’s served on the tables.
  • Now in the topic of fiesta, I crave for Porky Best lechon. Well, the paksiw after is something to look forward to as well.
  • It’s been a while since I had my fill of Spirale’s thin crust pizza! Although I also love he Garlic and Cheese of Shakey’s, I wish Spirale was nearer where I live.

The local hotels have items I really crave for, too!

  • Have you tried Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Pork Confit? It’s to die for. It’s their version of Lechon Kawali. The meat is very tender and the skin crispy. The party sized serving is a great deal. I still have mine I keep in a freezer. I pop a couple of slices in the oven toaster and voila, it’s like newly cooked. It’s available via the Grab & Go Pick-up and Delivery Service. 
Waterfront Davao’s Pork Confit. What a treat!

  • Park Inn RBG’s Classic Burger. All beef goodness! I had one before the lockdown. I wonder if they deliver. 

Park Inn’s RGB Classic Burger, an indulgent all beef goodness

Unfortunately, Marco Polo is saying good-bye for the moment and it makes me sad that my Buchi will no longer be available until Lotus Court reopens. I will also miss their Bolognese Pasta, too.

Another Marco Polo dish I will miss- the Spaghetti Bolognese

How about you, what are the favorites you had feasted on at home?

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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