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Siargao tops the list followed by Coron and Bohol. These are the local destinations some Davaoeños will go to if it’s safe to travel. In restaurant choices, the choices vary, same goes with shopping.

When I asked several Davaoeños, if it’s safe to go out and ease to shop, dine and travel: 1.) what’s the first thing you’ll buy from a local store?; 2.)The first restaurant you’re going to dine in and what will you order?; and 3.) What’s the first destination are you heading to? 

Nicole Hao-Bian

  • Wilson Limon’s mask of hope. We will resume school operations by the end of the month and I would need a mask. The mask of hope is functional, fashionable and you get to provide livelihood for the local ethnic community. We need some piece of joy in this environment of fear. 
  • Rekado – Four cheese grilled cheese and chorizo pasta. That’s my comfort food after a long day in the office. The ambience of the restaurant also speaks of positivity, love and family values. 
  • Siargao. It’s just very close by and I long to be in an open space, in the beach, under the sun and enjoying a cup of iced coffee or a glass of mojito with my family.
Nicole Hao-Bian & Sara Dayrit

Sara Dayrit

  • Hand sanitizer from Human Nature. Most alcohols have strong scent. I support Human Nature’s initiative for organic and sustainable community. 
  • Tiny Kitchen and their paella! It’s something I can’t easily make, and paella is meant to be shared! 
  • Cebu. I’d like drive around Cebu even just for a week before I finally move there.

Candice Protasio

  • I want to buy photo papers at National Bookstore so I could print and frame pictures of beautiful memories. It reminds me of normalcy. 
  • Nonki and i’ll have my usuals – kani salad, ebi tempura, california maki, and end it with my favorite matcha green tea ice cream. I miss Japanese food so much, and it’s something I can’t seem to cook at home. 
  • I’ve been meaning to go back to Panglao. It’s so quiet yet it has a vibrant and happy vibe. The restaurants are really good. The people are nice and honest. I think their LGU has done a great job in preparing the entire Panglao on what to expect from a tourism destination – from a tricycle driver who can be a tourist guide to having first-rate hotels. It’s impressive.
Candice Protasio & Dadai Joaquin

Dadai Joaquin

  • Buy more pieces from Ninofranco products.
  • White House because it has good food always.
  • Siargao. Finally see the place after putting it off, and see why and how they effectively contained themselves.

Rhoda Hernandez

  • From a local store, I want to buy fresh vegetables to help our farmers. I grew up with parents spending weekends on the farm thus, I know by heart how hard they work for their good harvests. To add, we need all the nutrients we can have to fight all the stressors of our daily life.
  • Minkah’s Kitchen, I will indulge to their steaks and pasta. They grow their own vegies and animals organically. Aside from safe, their food’s delicious.
  • I will go to Palawan. I will unwind. I need all the break since I worked hard amid the pandemic.
Rhoda Hernandez & Olan Embuscado

Olan Embuscado

  • I love Native Coffee. Whenever I travel, I would go to local market and look for local native coffee. When you’re used to drink locally produced coffee, you’ll end up craving for it. I’m running out of stock now.
  • I really miss locally made fried chicken. There’s one place frequent from college days to today, until it closed due to the pandemic: Goldie Chicken House in Ilustre. I’ll order a Family Treat – all for myself. 
  • I miss my home province of Davao Oriental. All I can think now is enjoy all the beautiful place we have in the province – the waterfalls, the pristine beaches, the islands, lakes and rivers, etc. I miss it and I wish to be home soon.

Dottie Bangayan-Lee

  • I will go with art supplies at Morning Light so I can have something to do at home with the kids 
  • I will have a dinner date with my hubby at Bon Apetit and order the Crepe Blue Pepato and Foie Gras with Caramelized Apple because life is short! 
  • I miss the beach so much! I miss smelling the salty sea air and feel the sand on my feet. I want to go island hopping and just spend the week chilling at the pool deck of Club Samal.
Dottie Bangayan Lee & Jessa Sisi

Jessa Sisi

  • Baskets from Jana’s kasi dami ako dapt pa i-organize sa house.
  • Rekado pa rin! I will feast on my favorites- Baked Salmon, Danggit Salad and the Pistachio Sans Rival. 
  • Coron. It’s was planned naman sana for June, so ready pa naman for bikini body J.

Leah May Panisales

  • Native Christmas decors at Bohol Trading. It gives me sense of merriment whenever I feel the spirit of Christmas 
  • Rebecca’s Halal BBQ & Restaurant. I will have the Native Chicken Tinola and chicken viver BBQ. These are just my all-time favorites.
  • Bohol. It’s my mom’s hometown and I’ve never been there.
Lea May Panisales & Jen Lim

Jen Lim

  • I’m planning to go to Chimes and buy my go-to skincare products, Happy Skin, because I’m running low on them this quarantine.
  • I miss Penong’s. I want to order my favorite chicken barbeque because it’s a huge comfort meal.
  • Siargao with friends. After a cancelled trip due to the pandemic, I would definitely go to Siargao and visit one of the Philippines’ most beautiful island.

Whatever the degree of quarantine, it’s best to support the local industry. It will give the local economy a much-needed boost. In our own small way, we have been doing so by patronizing the businesses around us- the favorite baker, resto, friends’ home-cooked meal and desserts, and have it delivered by the local movers. Let’s Live Local!

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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