MERLGEN, customizing homes

Sleek, modern and highly functional, modular cabinetry has changed the look of the home and lives of its residents. 

As one condominium dweller affirms, “Modular cabinetry is custom-made to match my needs and at the same time it fits my space perfectly. It is a good design solution.” 

“The focus now is the user. Modern cabinetry has become more than just storage spaces. Its design objective is to make sure it serves the user’s precise requirements from aesthetic to ergonomics. It should serve the user in every aspect and deliver ease and comfort,” said Honeylet Lim, general manager of MERLGEN Euro Design, Inc.

Manila Showroom

In Davao, the preference for custom-made modular furnishing was slowly gaining traction on the onset of 2010. The superior manufacturers though were distant, with Cagayan de Oro the closest to the city. The Bangayans had cabinets customized in CDO for their new home. However, after-sales service posed as a problem. There was a long waiting time for service crew visit and hardware replacement. 

Why not provide everything locally? High quality products, best workmanship, quick-to-respond after-sales service. It would be more practical. This was how MERLGEN Euro Design, Inc. was founded.

“The owners studied the Davao market. Skilled craftsmen were moving elsewhere and left a gap in the local structure even if Davao was on the upswing of infrastructure development. The Bangayans saw an opportunity to fill this gap. There was a large potential market out there. They went abroad for production training, invested in modern equipment, sourced out the best materials for cabinetry,” shared Lim.

In 2013, MERLGEN inaugurated the first manufacturing plant in the Island Garden City of Samal. It housed state-of-the-art machineries and well-trained manpower. The new company offered an ideal complement to the other business of the Holiday Group of Companies, which included hospitality and construction. 

Two manufacturing plants in Davao housing state-of-the-art machineries and well-trained manpower

“Part of the company’s vision is to make the high-quality products affordable to families of all income levels. So MERLGEN can design cabinetry according to a client’s specification and budget. We can suggest designs to fill large or small spaces and make it work for them.”

Designs evolve, materials improve, technology advances. MERLGEN stayed abreast with the changing times and constantly invest in everything new about cabinet manufacturing. It had to give what the market demanded and deserved, and this included a team of highly-trained artisans handling design development.

The Year 2015 marked a milestone for MERLGEN. The company gained accreditation from Dun and Bradstreet, a global business system that is recognized, recommended or required by 200 government, trade and industry organizations around the globe. This is proof that MERLGEN is genuine in its pursuit of excellence in its product manufacturing and service.

A creative team can turn your dream home appontments into reality

As the market grew, so did MERLGEN. In 2016, the Davao City manufacturing plant was inaugurated. Just like the first plant, the second production warehouse has computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machines, which ensure speedy and accurate results, and skilled workers. With two manufacturing plants, MERLGEN can guarantee to meet the demand on the residential and office construction boom.

To showcase the range of products and design, MERLGEN opened showrooms in strategic spots across the city—a free-standing showroom along Bajada, and in two malls, Abreeza and SM Lanang Premier. 

Merlgen has 5 showrooms across the country. Three are in Davao, one in Cebu & one in Manila

The home-grown company expanded its reach and is offering the Davao brand to the Cebu and Manila market. There is a MERLGEN showroom in these key cities in the Visayas and Luzon.

MERLGEN is a project envisioned that lead to a successful product because it was successful in forming a team that worked as one. A team with that stayed true to the company vision—to deliver affordable top-of-the-line cabinetry of best workmanship.