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Shopping. Perhaps you miss this – a lot. Nothing beats heading out to your favorite store and run your fingers on the pieces you covet, try them and taking it with you. But the circumstances have changed the way we shop. Online shopping is the safest way to go, and it saves us from insanity. 

So running my fingers on the cellphone screen over FB and IG, I found these very interesting items sold locally. Some I got to try and some are on the bucket list for myself and for gift-giving this Christmas. Perhaps you’d want some for yourself.

Delsur Living’s sarong and house slippers. As a beach lover, I have a several sarongs that I use as a beach mat and towel. Del Sur’s pieces are gorgeous. The textile is block printed and the colors are soothing to the eyes. The Colcho slipper is a stylish way to prance around the house. Well, if you spend much of your time indoors you might as well enjoy dressing up for yourself. It can make you feel better. With the year-round tropical weather, the cool pieces are good investments. Check out Delsur.Living on IG.

Everyday summer. Block printed sarongs from Delsur Living (Photo- Delsur Living)

Prance around your house with these stylish Colcho slippers by Delsur Living (Photo- Delsur Living)

You’ve turned into a domestic goddess and discovered your green thumb, why not a home stylist? If you have stay indoors, make your living space beautiful! The Holidays is coming up, decorate! 

Trust Home Depot‘s lovely safari-inspired tree trimmings can be lovely additions to your collection. It’s eco-friendly and stylish, and can complement the reds and golds on your tree. Check out Trust Home Depot on FB and IG.

Start decorating for Christmas. Eco-frendly trimmings from Trust Home Depot

Add these adorable safari-inspired pieces to your Christmas tree decor collection (photo- Trust Home Depot)

If you haven’t tried these delectable goodies, you must!

Guava Jam by Ysabelle Gempesaw. What to do with a bountiful fresh harvest of guava? Make guava jam. The guavas are of the Philippine native variety and harvested from the family farm. This jam is a delicious way to enjoy breakfast with a healthy serving of Vitamin C, which is what we need at this time. Contact Ysabelle Gempesaw on FB.

Vitamin C loading has never been this delicious. Homemade guava jam by Ysabelle Gempesaw (Photo Ysabelle’s Guava Jam)

Rekado Davao’s vacuum packed meals. If you are craving for your favorite comfort food from Rekado you can enjoy it in the comforts of your home. The bestsellers are now vacuum packed and easy to prepare. The Kare-kare, Pork Binagoongan, Cocido de Robo, Kalderobo and many more are easy to prepare, all it takes is just six minutes and voila! Enjoy a Pinoy feast. Check out Rekado Davao on FB and IG.

Rekado Davao vacuum packs your comfort food. It only takes 6 minutes to enjoy your favorites at home (Photo- Rekado Davao)

Add My Random Kitchen’s raddish cake on the meal menu. It’s delicious! To make the raddish cake, Jean Ong didn’t scrimp on ingredients to make it extra special.  The loaf is filled with scallops, imported Chinese sausage, dried shrimp (hibi) and mushrooms. Every bite feels like dining in a premier Chinese restaurant. Check out Jean Ong Jannieo on FB.

Raddish Cake filled with premium ingredients preapred by Jean Ong (Photo-My Random Kitchen)

To end your feasting, how about a cup of chocolate or creating your own chocolate dessert using the locally produced, award winning chocolate of Malagos Chocolate? The unsweetened chocolate gives you the choice on how sweet you want your dessert to be. And knowing that this chocolate has been recently awarded with four gold medals and a bronze medal in the the 2020 World Drinking Chocolate Competition will make the meal ender extra special. Check out Malagos Chocolate on FB and IG.

Award winning chocolate my Malagos makes the perfect meal ender in a cup or as an ingredient to your favorite dessert (Photo- Malagos Chocolate)

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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