Your dream cabinetry by Merlgen in 3 easy steps

Everything starts with a dream. You have a clear picture in your mind of how your ideal cabinetry will look like. With ease, you see yourself moving from one cabinet section to another. Everything is where it should be, everything within easy reach. 

From a distance, the space is a pretty picture. All components complement from the tones of the wall to the pieces of furniture around it. You nod with contentment to the well-planned space. All you need is someone to help you turn this vision to reality.

Now, you search for a reputable partner to make it happen. Look into the company’s experience, this counts a lot. So does the string of delighted clients on its roster. They have to be knowledgeable with the trends, hold a wide range of the latest materials in their cache, and supported by modern technology, too. A seasoned company can boast of a good track record. All these bear weight on your decision. Choose someone easy to work with, someone who shares the same vision.

Like you, Merlgen Euro Design, Inc. was a product of a dreamer. A decade ago, modular cabinetry was sourced from out of town. It meant long distance transaction and consultation, logistics was a burden, so was after-service. It was costly. So the owners decided to make modern cabinetry accessible and affordable to everyone. They opened the MERLGEN in 2013. A couple of years later the company earned an international accreditation from a global business system, and in 2016, the business expanded and the second manufacturing plant was inaugurated.

Step 1

With seven years of experience and making dreams come true. MERLGEN is a good choice. Sit down with the designer and tell him your dream. Design consultations are brainstorming sessions, an exchange of ideas. Share what you require—the space, the look. The designer will suggest how you can achieve you vision in the most systematic way. The ergonomics of the project for easy, stress-free movement will be explained. 

Step 1. There is a team of designers who will work on your dream project

A site visit and the architects working drawings will be necessary. The designer will show you how to maximize the area and where to locate the cabinets best. It will give you an idea the relationship of the cabinetry to the space around it. Just like in Feng Shui, everything must flow smoothly between areas.

Whatever your budget Merlgen will work around it. But your expectations have to be managed as well. There is a wide selection of high-quality materials in stylish tones and finishes to choose from. For sure, something will catch your fancy. Although you can go all out to achieve the dream look, remember that a well-designed and attractive space need not be costly.

The whole design process is computer aided. There’s a whole team of designers working on your project, but they work behind the scene.

The design will be presented from different angles, including in 3D. This will give you a clear picture of the finished look. Revisions may be necessary to fit your requirement. Only when you say “this is it!” and give your approval will the project progress to the next step.

Step 2

Leave it to the experts. The next team takes over, all well-trained manpower working with state-of-the-art technology. 

Step 2. In the production stage, precision manufacturing is done

In the production stage, each component of the final design will be broken into components. The details of each piece will be encoded to the computer and the data shared with the manufacturing plant’s computer system running the CNC (computer numerical control) machines. 

The CNC machine will process each component of your cabinetry’s design—doors and other panels—to meet the specifications of the coded programmed instruction. Precision manufacturing can describe the process. The result, each piece will fit to a T. But before anything leaves the manufacturing plant, each component is inspected and quality checked.

Step 3

Finally, installation. Like the other teams, the assembly crew is as well-trained. Some components will be factory pre-assembled while others will be fastened on site. 

Step 3. Almost there. The installation is executed by well-trained team.

The process is systematic to make installation as prompt as possible, but never comprising the quality of work. 

As the modular cabinets are fitted to its appointed spaces, you’ll probably notice how every inch of the expanse is utilized. 

If it’s the kitchen cabinets you required, the crew can help in installing the range hood, sink or the stove top. They have to make sure everything fits. Once everything is put into place, the crew will tidy up for your use. 

You may be ecstatic over your new cabinetry and enjoying it. But Merlgen’s job is far from over. Should a concern arise, rest assured that the after-service team will be there to address it ASAP. After service is one aspect of the company Merlgen can be proud of. 

MERLGEN is one partner you can trust to turn your dream cabinetry into a reality.