Eat All You Can Thai Feast at Benjarong Davao

dusitD2’s authentic Thai restaurant takes its diners into a gastronomic journey with a generous selection of Benjarong favorites.

The best alternative for traveling is finding an authentic food experience of the places one wants to go to. For those who wish to be in Thailand, Benjarong Davao offers its Eat All You Can Thai Feast – a delectable treat that promises a journey for the palate, from appetizers to desserts. 

“Most of these dishes are the ones I have grown up eating, which I eventually learned how to cook when I became a chef. It pays homage to the culture and food experience in Thailand,” said Benjarong Davao’s Thai Head Chef Suthin Somuang. 

Some of the dishes included in the Eat All You Can Thai Feast offer are: Yam Som O (Pomelo Salad), Por Pia Pak (Vegetable Spring Roll), Tom Yang Gung, Phad Thai Gung Sod, Khao Phad Khai (Fried Rice), Phad Ka Prao Nuea (Sliced Beef), Gang Phed Ped Yang (Red Curry Duck Breast), Phad Kra Pao Gai (Stir Fried Minced Chicken), Phad Ka Pao Pla Muk (Stir Fried Squid), Khao Niew Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice), and Khrim Bai Tey Ma Praw (Pandan Coconut Crème Brulee). 

Tom Yam Gung

Khao Nieo Ma Muang

Pad Thai Gung Sod

These dishes come with interesting stories from Chef Suthin, like the Tom Yang Gung, Phad Thai Gung Sod, and the Red Curry Duck Breast. “The Tom Yang Gung we offer in Benjarong Davao is the recipe from my hometown, Udon Thani, which is spicier. There is another dish from Bangkok, which has milk, making the dish less spicy.” The Phad Thai and Red Curry Duck Breast recipes are the ones famous in Bangkok, but has other variations from Chanthaburi and Chiang Mai. 

Chicken Satay

Yam Som O

The menu selection varies each month, allowing avid diners to experience different dishes at every visit. An ideal choice for families and groups of friends, Benjarong offers this at Php 1500 net per person, from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM every Tuesdays to Saturdays. To book, guests may e-mail or call (082) 27 7500. (PR)