Adopt An Heirloom Cacao Tree

Save Fine Flavor Cacao, One Tree At A Time

Make a difference. Heirloom cacao is the foundation of the best tasting chocolate. Puentespina Farm is one of only 16 in the world, and the only plantation in the Philippines, to be designated an Heirloom Cacao farm.

By adopting or gifting an Heirloom Cacao tree, you are protecting and preserving cacao trees that produce the most high quality, flavorful chocolate. Your generous support will also improve the lives of farmers who grow them, and empower farming communities.

When you adopt a tree, you will receive a digital personalized adoption certificate and information card including the farm overview, location and photo of your adopted cacao tree. (Right) Puentespina Farm matriarch Charita P. Puentespina

In line with our collective efforts with the Heirloom Cacao Preservation you can now become a patron and champion our farmers by adopting a cacao tree. Each heirloom parent is entitled to a personalized digital adoption certificate, an information card, 3 bars of Heirloom chocolate yearly, as well as updates on the tree’s health and personal notes on the farm’s progress.

About Puentespina Farms

​For a country that sits on the famed cacao belt, the Philippines has had very little to contribute to the world of fine-flavor chocolate. For years its cacao remained a commodity, the dearth in knowledge and technology preventing it from being elevated into the ranks of the world’s best.
The Puentespina family of Malagos Agri-Ventures knew that the cacao grown in this part of Mindanao island in the Philippines is of such quality that it could become one of the best in the world; that is, if it was processed correctly.
Led by matriarch Charita P. Puentespina, the family sought the help of experts and raised capital to invest in equipment to make tree-to-bar, single-origin premium chocolates. The family also decided that for the venture to become sustainable, it was important to teach local cacao farmers and engage only in fair practices.

Today, the farm’s Malagos Chocolate has earned the greatest number of international recognitions for Philippine chocolate. The farm has been designated a producer of Heirloom Cacao, one of only 16 farms to be named as such, and its beans have been named one of the top 50 cacao beans in the world. (PR)

72% Heirloom Bar. A rich combination of historic, cultural, botanical and geographical flavor value.