Luk Foo Palace dining

Missing your food trips abroad? Well, if you’re itching to travel to Hong Kong to feast on your favorite food, Cantonese fare is closer that you think. For authentic Cantonese food, head to Luk Foo Palace in Acacia Hotel.

The chef de cuisine is Hong Kongese, so that will answer your question of how authentic the cuisine is. Chef Roy Du is born and raised in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

Chef Roy Du is from Aberdeen, Hong Kong

With almost three decades of experience on his sleeve, the man has honed not only his cooking skills but developed his style of kitchen management. “I am very hands on in overseeing and managing the overall kitchen operation to ensure maximum guest satisfaction. A great restaurant doesn’t just offer great food but also offers great service and an unforgettable dining experience,” said the chef.

Next, the ingredients. The chef makes sure to use fresh and complete ingredients in all of his specialties. That guarantees flavorful, nutrient-rich dishes from the kitchen to your table.

Now for the specialties. The menu lists a good number of dishes that can make you want to order everything. Unless you have your favorites list, the easy way around it is to ask which are the house specialties, the bestsellers. 

I am one lucky soul. On my first visit to the restaurant, the host already has compiled in a menu the house specials. The moment I sat down, out came the dishes from the kitchen one after the next. 

The scrumptious Hot Prawns Salad is a perfect blend of sweet, salt, hot and cold which makes it as the right choice for an appetizer. But I can have this as one of the main courses. Don’t judge me. 

Hot Prawns Salad

Any Cantonese meal is not complete without the Dim sum. If you’re a lover of this steamed wonder, then eat your heart out with the pure meat Dim sums: Steamed Pork Siomai, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Vegetable Hakao or the Deep Fried Taro Puff. Of course, these areserved hot and fresh as it should be. 

Deep Fried Taro Puffs

Salt & Pepper Spareribs

Celebrations the Chinese way is having noodles for long life. The Crispy Noodles poured with your choice of Hot and Savory Soup of assorted seafood or assorted meat—promises you to feast on many more meals ahead.

Crispy Noodles with Assorted Meat

Aaah, I am definitely a rice person and the signature Luk Foo Fried Rice came as a wonderful surprise. It was truly flavorful, like extra-rice-please flavorful. It is prepared with a generous mix and serving of meats, starch and vegetables. 

Flavorful. Luk Foo Fried Rice

All these rank high on my list of favorites. It could be yours, too? Or pehapds these other specials can end up on your list: the Steamed Crystal Prawn Balls, Beef with Seasonal Vegetables and the Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail for dessert.

And speaking of desserts, if you know me well, I am a chintoy monster (chintoy is Cantonese for buchi) and I just found another place that serves the best golden round delicacy in the city, and it’s served in a palace (quite fitting since I believe a well prepared and cooked buchi is the dessert of royalty). 

Beautiful golden round things. Chintoy aka Buchi

Luk Foo Palace is at the 3rd floor of Acacia Hotel Davao. Open from 11AM to 8PM. Reserve your table and favorites by calling 298 8088, 09178171706