Festival mood at Legacy Leisure

“One of the main considerations in planning an event is the space,” said Candice Respicio of the Zegen Group, an Davao based events management company that holds an impressive list of clients from the private, corporate and political sectors. 

“The wide outdoor area of Legacy Leisure can be an exciting venue for a private festival like the Kadayawan for its residents. The amenities can be used for other purposes other than its intended use,” she added. 

Impressive and unique is how to describe the amenity area of CrisRon Legacy Leisure Residences, the rising condominium project along Ma-a Road. 

“It is unique because our design goes the opposite direction of the regulated community developments which allots 30% of the total area to open space. Legacy Leisure’s open space will occupy 70% of the 2.4-hectare project,” said Clark Yap of CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. 

“To make the open space impressive, Legacy Leisure is going world-class on its amenity development. Across the wide open space will be an Olympic size swimming pool and spray park for kids; sports areas to include basketball and tennis courts, a putting green and jogging track; family areas like the picnic area with a barbecue pit, and a park. Fun and leisure is amplified and this is a step from your door,” Yap added. 

Community bonding will be more exciting on a special season like this. Activities won’t be limited to a pocket-sized amenity area like the social hall or the perimeter of a small pool. Imagine visiting a world-class resort, this is what Legacy Leisure is aiming for. This though will be private, exclusive for its residents. 

Zegen’s concept for a Kadayawan Festival theme is incorporating the best of Davao in the venue for the weekend holiday. Zones can be created for people to mingle. The basketball court can be turned into a fruit and fresh vegetable market from local growers; the tennis court can be the curated food zone selling special delicacies; and the park can be the “green bazaar” selling Davao’s best flowers and plants. 

“The wonderful thing about this novel idea is it is private and safe, plus the residents can take part in the commerce, if not, they can be the sellers themselves. For sure, there will be residents who are good cooks and artists,” said Candice. 

The tribal beats of the 11 tribes of Mindanao can get everyone into the Kadayawan vibe. A guest artist can serenade the revelers with local tunes and residents can tae part in the entertainment. The picnic area and the barbecue pit, which will serve its intended purpose, will be the perfect entertainment area. 

While social gatherings is a common activity in every condominium, Legacy Leisure Residences will be set apart with its capacity to host a festival level event.