Art Watch: modern art picks from MinArt 3

An art exhibition that gathers over 300 artists from more than 30 galleries across Mindanao, Mindanao Art 2021, the third show since it launched in 2019, houses artworks of various genres. Whatever your art inclination is, there will be pieces that will make your eyes pop. 

An exciting portal to the world of Mindanao art

From realism to abstraction, paintings to sculptures, mediums in oil and acrylic to unconventional sawdust and soil, MinArt is a go to place to search for the next piece(s) to add to the collection.

The exhibit is a searching ground for artists to patronize. Those who capture the subject or style that one seeks. Who knows the artwork that’s singled out may just be from PH’s next big artist. I can attest to this possibility. Visiting art shows regularly in a Manila mall in the early 2000s, I bought a nude painting in B&W on impulse for a few thousands. It was by a promising artist and his painting hangs on my wall for years. It brings joy whenever I look at it. I was very happy with the acquisition. Boom! The same artist recently sold a piece exceeding the P120M mark in an auction. His pieces wag price tags in millions today, and not long ago, he collaborated with a National Artist for Visual Arts. My only regret was not giving in to the urge to acquire more from the series, just because I like it all.

It is the same with MinArt. Not only is it a showroom for established artists or a venue for up-and-coming talents to be seen and admired, it can push forward the artists’ career. For the lovers of art and collectors, it is a chance to snag a piece or two by a Mindanao artist. My rule of thumb? Pick one that you’re drawn to and love at first sight, no matter who the artist is. Art should serve its purpose of delighting its audience. If it escalates in the art market, that’s just the bonus. So if you’re a speculative collector, remember that it’s like betting on a lottery. Whatever your motive is, let your eyes and heart take the lead.

In these two levels, there are artworks by over 300 artists from more than 30 galleries across Mindanao

My eyes are geared towards modern art. It helps me “go for the gold,” so to speak, in a room overflowing with masterpieces (although some artworks stop me on track with its beauty). If room space and money is not an issue, I will take home a piece by Victor Augustus Dumaguing, Dan Ivan Sepelagio and Marco, to name a few. I already have one by Art Bongawan.

More than acquiring, let Mindanao Art be your venue to appreciate art—beauties crafted by Mindanao artists. It is what it is intended for. Visit the exhibit, you might fall in love with a piece or two and take it home with you. 

Que Horor. Victor Augustus Dumaguing, Tadz Hassan Tadeo, Alynnah Macla, Juan Atienza & Trexia Sola. Acrylic on canvas. 96" x 144". 2021. P 450,000

(Left) Fundemic. Mican Fernandez. Oil on canvas. 48" x 48". 2021. P 65,000.
(Right) The Pervasion of Change 2. Dan Ivan Sepelagio. Acrylic on Canvas. 37.5" x 37.5". 2021. P 34,000

Noise. Alicia Trinidad Enriquez. Oil on canvas. 48" x 96" 2021. P 118,000

(left) Irony of Life. Art Bongawan. Oil on canvas. 24" x 36" 2021. P34,000.
(Right) Anong Balita. MJ Sayson. Acrylic on Canvas. 24" x 36". 2021. P40,000

Peace. Tyrone flores Baricuatro. Non-sag epoxy/resin on. 36" x 48" 2021. P68,000

(Left) Kenopsia. Marco. Oil on Canvas. 36" x 48". 2021. P 55,000.
(Right) Dajo Girl, The Survivor of Budajo Massacre. Victor Augustus Dumaguing. Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 16". P20,000

(Left) Clown Corona. Michael Bacol. Resin & Acrylic Spray Paint. 5" x 6" x 12 Series of 1/50. 2021. P 25,000.
(Right) Vivi Boy. Reagan Deiparine. Old doll. 2021. P 20,000

Onikid. Oni. Resin. 2021. P14,000 each

Mindanao Art 2021, with the theme “Art in Between: Mindanao Art in Liminal Space,” is the biggest art show in Mindanao. Visit the exhibit at the Poblacion Market Central along C. Bangoy Street. Or view it online at Mindanao Art’s website (

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