Target achieved. ArtFund/ "Fruits for Feathers" raises P450,000 for the Philippine Eagle Foundation

Target achieved. 

The ArtFund/Philippine Eagle Foundation: "Fruits for Feathers" raised P450,000. The amount has been remitted to the recipient on December 20, 2021 via bank transfer.

For 2021, ArtFund/ has raised a total of P600,000 for the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). The first project, "Flowers for Feathers", raised P150,000 in August, and this season, "Fruits for Feathers," raised three times the previous amount. According to Dennis Salvador, Executive Director of the PEF, ArtFund/ is the biggest fundraiser for the foundation this year.

No act of kindness is too small.

The success of the project is due to several components: the generosity of Davao talents: visual, graphic, handicraft and printing artists; and perhaps the most essential, people's faith that the Philippine eagle's population will flourish, to do what they can to break the chain that links the bird to extinction. 

In saving the country's National Bird, we have the PEF and the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) to thank for. Their relentless efforts to save the species and multiply its number is truly remarkable. Case in point, the hatching of a  Philippine eagle egg on December 4 - that's amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It marks the 29th successfully bred chick at the PEC.

Philippine eagle #29, bred and hatched in captivity, is proof why people support projects mounted to benefit the PEF and PEC.  (photo: PEF website)

Mention the Philippine eagle as the recipient of a fundraiser and those who believe in the cause will nod instantly. This is why the Fruits for Feathers project was able to raise a generous amount from its inception in October 15, when pledges started to pour in, to reaching the target amount in mid-December, a month after the printed limited edition art cards were released

"As the year 2021 draws to a close, the lingering effects of the pandemic continue to haunt the Philippine Eagle Center. Funds have been difficult to come by as visitor traffic trickled down at 4%. It was indeed truly heartwarming to receive everyone’s help especially to those who participated in the “Fruits for Feathers” fundraiser project. Thanks so much to the organizer, artists and donors who supported this cause. We appreciate your partnership- happy holidays!." says Dennis Salvador.

Together with the Philippine Eagle Foundation, ArtFund/ would like to flutter its wings to show its gratitude to those who believed in the project.

Aala, Puring
Aarts, Amylou
Abella, Chinky
Acosta Barrientos, Luz
Aguirre, Ayie
Al-ag Group of Companies
Alaba, Russel
Alabado, Robby 
Alcoriza, Tessie
Alegrado, June
Alejandre, Florence
Alvarez, Maritoni
Amatong, Emma
Andrada, Bambi
Andrada, Saddie
Ang, Anthony 
Ang, Karina
Ang, Michelle
Angala, Ada
Angala, Fadji
Angala, Pinky
Aportadera, Dr. Felice
Aquino, Mylene
Arcenas, Annie
Arquiza, Len
Arquiza, Lylah de Guzman
Arruiz, Mikel
Asistido, Tenny
Azanza, Roman
Bacani, Carrine
Baldemor, Maripet
Bandolon, Bobby
Barbon, Wison John
Barrios, Lelit
Bautista, Andrew
Bautista, Totit
Becares, Bernadette
Bendigo, Louella
Benedicto, Lena
Bernabe, Claire del Rosario
Bernardo , Elly
Bernardo, Rommel
Bian, Joji & Nicole
Bisnar, Girly
Boncato, Art
Bonifacio, Chiqui
Braganza, Judith
Bringas, Elizabeth
Briones, Ina
Buenaventura, Tiny
Cabang, Brenda
Cabarrus, Menggay
Cabilles, Carmen
Cabrera, Ivy
Cabrera, Pinky
Cadiente, Izza
Cafe, Vice
Calma, Jana
Calolot, Cecile
Camina, Jerome
Cañada, Sheryl
Castañeda, Fides
Cayco, Cindy
Chan, Alex
Chugani, Ashok, Vinita, Sonia
Competente, Keen
Cruz, Atess
Cruz, Ken
Cuyugan, Ditdit
Dacudao, Patricia
Dakudao, Mike
Dakudao, Mimay
Daluz, Nena
David, Jac
De Mylo, Steffy
De Otay, Lailani 
Del Rosario, Carmina
De la Costa, Eric
Dela Cruz, Gwen
Department of Tourism
Derequito, Gina
Derequito, Mimi
Diago, Claudine
Dimaano, Faith
Dimaano, Louie
Dino, Mike
Domingo, Ro
Dominguez, Rosie
Dumama, Esma
Dumlao, Doris
Dumlao, Jenny
dusitD2 Hotel
Enrique-Cuyugan, Ditdit
Fernandez Brooks
Fernandez, Hero
Fernandez, Ivy
Fernandez, Ramon & Karla
Floirendo, Jenny
Floirendo, Mia
Fortich , Naty
Gabriento, Gino
Gahol, Malouchi
Gamo, Liza
Garcia, Annie
Garcia, Imee
Garcia, Paul
Garcia, Rafael
Garduque, Alma
Gavino, Chari
Gaw, Malot
Gempesaw, Kay
Gempesaw, Maite
Geronimo, Harold
Go, Aida
Go, Dominador
Go, Elle
Go, Joy
Go, Ronald
Gomez, Rene
Gonzalez, Maridol 
Grapa, Eve
Gross, Emy
Guinoo, Mary Anne
Guttierez, Aisha
Guttierez, Marissa
Honasan, Nikki
Huang, Jasper
Isaguire, Riza
Isidro, Ela
Jaldon, Andoni
Jaldon, Mitzi
Jaroda, Grace
Kapulong, Ken
Laurel, Karen
Ledesma, Ella
Ledesma, Jocy
Lee, Dotty
Lemen, Mabel
Lim, Jen
Liu, Marizon
Lizares-Co, Joanna
Lopez, Lynette
Lopez, Malu
Lopez, Peachy
Loyola, Cheryl Maxine
Loyola, Cristine
Lubaton-Uy, Irene
Madella, Cherry
Mag-usara, Tantan
Magnaye, Ana
Magno, Peaches
Maramba, Booboo
Marasigan, Cecilia
Martin, Beth
Martinez, Chichi
Mata, Erika 
Matalam, Sarah
Mempin, Joy
Mendoza, Jenny
Mercader, Joanna
Mercado, Otoy
Molbog, Adelaine
Montano, Pia
Montemayor, Baby
Navarro, Ronnie & Mary Joy 
Neo, Len Liao
Ng, George & Rowena
Nograles, Bebet
Nucum, Terry
Ong, Sharmila
Oropesa, Bachut
Pangan, Imelda
Park Inn by Radisson Davao
Pasia, Ej
Pineda, Long
Puyat-Narciso, Milette
Quinol, Claudine
Quinones, Apple
Rama, Jaja
Rebaya, Marlon
Reta, Jess
Reta, Susabel
Rodolfo, Debbie
Rodriguez, Dicdic
Rodriguez, Donna
Rosales, Happy
Sam, Melanie
Samodio, Kathy
Sanchez, Jenny
Sandique, Jo Ann 
Sanga, Googie
Sangregorio, Danney
Santos, Boy 
Santos, Byong
Santos, Chin2
Sasin, Dinggay 
Sasin, Yvonne
Sauler, Agnes
Serrano, Agot
Sibala, Bang
Siong, Christine
Sisi, Jessa dela Cruz
Sison, Chuchay
Sitjar, Emil
Sol Cruz, Cris
Soriaga, Jolla
Soriano, Yvonne
Sta. Ines, Jose
Suzara, Elaine
Sy, Bunny
Tablante, Michelle
Tagimacruz, Hazel
Tan, Lyn
Tan, Nikki
Tan, Patty
Tan, Sheila
Tan, Tanya
Tañedo, Wilfred
Taojo, Caroline
Tapia, Tinette
Te, Gay
Tecson, GeneRose
Teves, Wowie
Tiu, Leilani
Toribio, Love May
Torralba, Luz
Tuason, Editha
Unlay, Abet
Valdellon, Auda
Valencia, Ginny
Wong, Marris
Wurgler-Cronin, Dottie
Yap, Camille
Yap, Grace
Yap, Patrick
Yu, Maybelle
Yuste, Dolly
Yuzon, Ruth
Zegen Group

And to the team:

Lito Pepito
Rodney Yap
MeAn Guinoo
Anthony Serafin
Saldy Mascardo II
Cortess Printing Press
T'nalak Home
Kenneth Ong
Simply Gray Studio