Gratitude. Looking back & looking forward

Each waking day is a gift. Celebrate!

“We really did have everything, didn’t we?” - from the movie Don’t Look Up. 

Realizations arise as life-changing moments occur. What was cast aside in the past are marked as essentials. Sardines never tasted so good, each house corner are useful as ever, the closet has too much clothes, each waking day is a gift and those hugs and kisses are greatly missed. Yes, we do have everything, and for many, it took a pandemic to make us realize. 

Perhaps this second Christmas since the pandemic was special. After almost two years of no physical contact with people dearest to us, we finally get to hug them, celebrate with them. That is, if everyone got their shots, physical contact would be the best gift one can receive. 

I count my blessings everyday, acknowledge the generosity of the Giver and send out prayers to everyone and everything around me. 

To be alive and healthy at this point in time is the best gift ever. So is family. We lost a loved one, but we do our best to make bonds stronger. 

Sad to lose Dad but happy to know he's partying with his true love on his 1st birthday in heaven

I’m grateful for the support the ArtFund fundraising events received. The two projects raised a generous amount for the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Thanks to the contribution of the Davao artists and suppliers, and most especially to everyone who trusted the cause. The eagles are flapping its wings in gratitude, the new eaglet hatched, included, the 29th hatched in the Philippine Eagle Center. Kudos to the hardworking team! Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, with zero gate sales to support the facility’s operations, their effort to save and proliferate the National Bird’s population was unceasing. 

Grateful for the support the 2nd edition of ArtFUnd/Philippine Eagle Foundation received. 

Grateful to travel again. It was a far-fetched idea but I stepped out of my safety zone, hit the road to Siargao first then hopped on a plane to Boracay. It was liberating! The island scene was relaxing and seawater was healing. Thanks to Nikki & Kim and to the Boracay resorts of Crimson and Discovery Shore for welcoming me. 

Three years after, rediscovering Boracay & witness another sunset in the island paradise

Sending prayers to Siargao, Cebu, Bohol and the other places that were devastated by the typhoon Odette. It’s amazing and heartwarming how Pinoys jump to help one another during trying times. 

Grateful for the vaccine & able to travel at the time of COVID19. The first & farthest step I took from my safety zone after almost two years - Siargao, 2 months before typhoon Odette struck

Grateful for work. There are people who trust what you do and align with your vision. The pandemic was one of the best times for promotion. Everyone was hungry for information, whether on screen or on paper. Share good news at this time and you’ll get the audience. These companies did. 

Christmas is a no-diet season. To the generous souls who sent presents, thank you very much. The introduction to new locally-made delicacies is precious! 

Friends, all vaccinated. The rare times we take our masks off.

I’m grateful for 2021 and the lesson it taught me, and looking forward to a healthy, prosperous and love-filled 2022 for us all. More realizations will come our way, let’s remember that everything happens for a reason and there’s always a good reason why. 

Love and light! The generosity of God and the Universe are bountiful and endless. It’s yours, all you have to do is ask. 

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.