Legacy Leisure rising higher in 2022

Tower 3 will be built beside the water spray pool park

Legacy Leisure Residences has every reason to be optimistic this 2022. CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc.’s maiden project hurdled challenges that came up since its official launching in January of 2020. 

“When we launched Legacy Leisure in 2020, the pandemic lockdown was declared two months later. It was an unforeseen snag but it didn’t stop nor slowed us down. We kept our hopes high and goals in sight,” said Wesley Bangayan, VP for sales and marketing. 

Commerce changed and the company had to adapt quickly. The sales and marketing plan is also in digital format and this proved highly beneficial for CrisRon. Priorities were realigned, sales team and advertising and promotions were given the boost. 

In 2021, the construction of Tower 2, the first of four residential towers rising, completed its initial stages of construction on time. Before the year ended, the Tower 2 and the clubhouse’s construction were simultaneously rising above ground. 

Trust and sales. 

“It was also an opportune time for the project to gain the trust of current and future investors because we kept the development on schedule and shared updates on all platforms,” said Bangayan. 

Legacy Leisure is a world-class project. It's a resort living in the city boasting of impressive amenities. The unique development enticed the market. 

“We have built market trust in the past two years and we would like to see this as an advantage.” 

Bullish in 2022. 

CrisRon Legacy Leisure Residences will keep the ball rolling. This year, the company will continue with the plan they have been successful with in the past two years. 

“We are soon going to open Tower 3 for sale this 2022. We are positive on the investment scene in Davao and we’re looking to surpass the 2021 record of selling 80% of the tower in 11 months. However, that number has the pandemic factored in. With the business landscape foreseen as brighter in 2022, then we are determined to outdo ourselves,” bared Bangayan.

Selling soon. Tower 3 of Legacy Leisure Residences

“When the situation permits, we will be adding the out-of-Davao sales blitz to the year’s plan. This was put on hold during the pandemic and we’re giving it the green light this year. Our team will bring Legacy Leisure Residences closer to the non-locals who wish to invest in real estate in Davao City. We will target investors from the neighboring cities, and include Visayas and Luzon as well.” (PR)