Merlgen: natural, organic are 2022 design inspirations

Include wood grains, textured surfaces and natural materials to your kitchen this 2022

Dear M, what’s the home decorating trend for 2022? 

After two years of spending most of the time indoors, Home Chic Home’s M says it is about achieving what feels good. Interior design has become more of a personal expression today rather than being trendy. We are now seeing looks that blur the line between various styles. It’s empowering the homeowners to make the look their own and create something that feels as good as it looks. 

Go green! With the lifestyle switch, design experts agree that green and landscape palettes will remain strong this 2022. The indoors will continue to embrace the outdoors. The soothing, healing and grounding characters of nature are stress reducers, promote calmness and creativity. A connection to nature will make us happy and positive in the long run, and this is what we need now more than ever after being cooped up for a long period. 

“No matter what color from nature you opt for your home this year, Merlgen Euro Designs can complement it with the right tone and finish of cabinets. There’s a wide array of materials to match everyone’s design inspiration,” said manager Honeylet Lim. 

“There was a demand for the look of wood in different tones in 2021, along with the basic gray. While we can customize cabinets for the entire home, the homeowners appetite for change or upgrade was large for the kitchen. We are expecting that this trend will continue this year,” she added. 

The 2022 kitchen will be exciting. The room evolved from a food preparation area alone to become a social hub or even a workstation as well. With its added role now, the kitchen will be welcoming, warm, calming and practical in 2022. The look will be comforting with the application of cool colors, natural materials and subdued designs, which will appeal to all the senses. It’s no longer just a kitchen, it’s an extension of the living room. Let your character and individuality shine! 

1. Pick a color from the outdoors, like mint green for zest and the blue of the sky for a cool breezy feel, and apply it to your kitchen make-over, be it on the cabinetry, backsplash or decorative appointments. The uplifting, soft pastel shade can echo the aspiration to be close to nature. 

2. Lovers of white, rejoice! The color is not going away in 2022. White brightens the kitchen and bright is what our mood should be. How about adding depth to it? Add the “earthy” feel to the surface by drawing pigments and grains on it and create a textured appearance. Let it convey natural, organic. You can never go wrong with a marble countertop. It’s classic and versatile. 

Lovers of white, rejoice! The color is not going away in 2022

Marble. Grain on white top adds depth and "earthy feel" to an all white kitchen

3. While you're embracing organic, include wood grains, textured surfaces and natural materials. From the bedrooms and living room, let the decorative textures seep into the kitchen. The texture of Oak and wood and brushed metals add depth and layers to the clean lines of the room. The look is pleasingly beautiful and quite sophisticated. 

The texture of Oak and wood and brushed metals add depth and layers to the clean lines of the room

4. Pantries and multifunctional storage. Outdoor exposure became limited and stacking up on food became a norm. It may continue this year. More food means a need for more storage space. Pantries can be incorporated into your cabinet system or you can build it walk-in style. With the kitchen as the new social area, a free-standing multifunctional cabinet can be a stylish and homey-feel addition to the kitchen, which also means you don’t have to revamp your kitchen island. 

5. Green beyond the color. Using sustainable materials is a wise choice because it’s environment friendly. Upcycling is something to watch out for. The new addition, like that multifunction cabinet in the kitchen, can use reclaimed wood and handcrafted by a local artisan. It can be an elegant timeless piece and the contrast of looks to the modern kitchen will be charming. Remember, make the look your own. 

During uncertain times when stress level is high, it’s normal for people to seek the comforts of home. Making the personal space as comforting as possible will still be on every homemaker’s top of mind. Relaxing colors, curated appointments and clutter-free homes with the personal touch will continue to be popular. (PR)