Discover something new at Chema’s

Something new to discover at Chemas By The Sea

A boost of Vitamin Sea? It’s a snap-of-a-finger for Davaoeños. Choose your beach. Head to the nearest dock, hop on a boat and take a short, scenic ride through the Davao Gulf to Samal Island. Beach lovers are lucky on this side of the archipelago. 

From the resorts that line the shores of the Island Garden City, beach bums have marked their favorites. Perhaps the charm of Chema’s By The Sea has made its imprint on you. 

Here’s a resort refresher. Chema’s was a family vision and this is evident in the personal touches of the owners in every detail of the place. The property is a pocket of lush and verdant garden, the ideal setting for a serene setting for a relaxing escape. Like nests tucked in trees are 15 rustic, airy garden and sea-view cottages with exclusive terraces, all provide easy access to the pool and beach areas, and dining spaces. 

The property is a pocket of lush and verdant garden

Rustic cottages

Facing West, the garden estate gets a front row seat to the daily sunsets, which make each golden hour special wherever you are in the resort— your private terrace, in the infinity pool, on a daybed at the private beach, sitting on sand or dipping in the warm seawater. 

Catch the setting sun from the exclusive terrace of the Sea View Cottage 

If you haven’t “renewed” acquaintances with Chema’s, then now is a good time to do so. There’s something new and exciting waving at you from the Samal resort. If you were impressed with the Discovery hotels brand of hospitality in any of your out-of-town travels, like in Discovery Shores Boracay, then you won’t have to travel far to experience it again. Chema’s is now managed by Discovery Hospitality. 

You will discover the presence of private butlers, who will guarantee guests a more relaxed visit; complimentary morning and afternoon refreshment is a daily ritual; and most importantly, the food! 

Just like in any facet of a property, Discovery is as focused on its food- the quality, flavor, ingredients. It’s a strength that captures the hearts of guests (they’re a living proof of the cliche!). 

Pinoy dishes are the next best thing to home cooking. The sinigang dishes are delightful with its thick and sour soup, the salads are concocted with fresh greens, and breakfast will truly be a surprise with the chef’s special Beef Tapa sa Gata (slow cooked beef in coconut milk makes this dish a double winner!).

Pinoy dishes are the next best thing to home cooking and the Continental cuisine shares the top podium with its Filipino counterpart

Breakfast will truly be a surprise with the chef’s special Beef Tapa sa Gata.

Continental cuisine shares the top podium with its Filipino counterpart. The pastas are well-prepared and flavored, steaks are grilled just right, the salmon (which can be a challenge to cook) is tender and juicy. 

Finally, the sweet notes of any meal ender will pleasantly dot the entire dining experience, if not mark your palate with pleasurable saccharine memories. 

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Where to have dinner best? Book the table on the floating deck by the sea-side pool. It offers a view of Davao City all lit up against the dark sky. 

Request for this table on the floating deck for night dining.

Best view for dinner. Davao on the horizon

Don’t you think it’s time to reconnect with Chema’s now that it has reopened its docks? 

Discover the Discovery brand of service and F&B at Chema's. Head Chef Mikael Anthony Rioflorido, Resort Manager Jessica Segura & F&B Service Team Lead Mark Anthony Camo.

For more information, visit or call +63 917-724-3627.