Hokkaido Cups x My Random Kitchen

Missing Japan? Take a quick trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with every bite of this Hokkaido Cup by My Random Kitchen (on FB). This delectable desert will bring back memories of the Japanese confections you feasted on.

Imagine the Cherry Blossom in full bloom on a fine day in Spring. It's a beauty. Now, make the scene edible. 

Delicate, soft and fluffy best describes the cake in cube form. The buttercream filling is light and velvety to the palate. Each bite melds the two and melts in your mouth like snow on the first sunny Springtime day. 

Just like the flitting beauty of the Sakura, the Hokkaido Cup's sweetness is gentle, dashing through the palate like a teaser. It goes without saying that you can finish one box of 9 in one go. 

May your will power to resist the temptation to go beyond a single serving be as tenacious as that of a Samurai. Good luck!

Best enjoyed when chilled. 

 To order, message My Random Kitchen on FB. Php 400 for a box of 9.