Spread love with Mindanao Butchers' "hearty" French cheese

Produced in Haute-Normandy, the Neufchatel AOP is  also called Coeur Neufchatel for its heart shape, as coeur is "heart" in French

Je t'aime.

You'll hear it once your lover gets a taste of this fine heart-shaped French cheese. Make this duo:  Neufchatel Cheese and Rye Crostini, a part of your date night.

Neufchatel Cheese and Rye Crostini

Get to know the cheese.

An unpasteurized cow cheese, the Neufchatel AOP is one of the first cheeses made by monks in Normandy in the 6th century. It's produced in Haute-Normandy, a humid region. It's soft, with a bloomy rind, similar to a Camembert. But the Neufchatel AOP is saltier and sharper, with a richer taste, and a coarse, grainy texture. It's also called Coeur Neufchatel for its heart shape, as coeur is "heart" in French. 

The heart shape of this cheese is iconic and might date back to the Hundred Years War. It's said that the young women of Neufchatel-en-Bray would offer their gallant knights this cheese shaped like a heart - "le Coeur." as a reminder of their home and love. It grew popular in Paris in the 1800s, and in 1969 was given its AOP designation. 

Make this pretty Neufchatel Cheese AOP the star- or really, heart, of your cheese board. You can bake it, or serve it as is. Pair it with Mindanao Butchers' Lagarde Extra Brut for a sparkling grand time. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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