Mooncakes & chopsticks

An assortment of Dim Sum opn afe Uno's September weekend buffet spread

When Luna shines the brightest, a celebration is called for. What’s best for bonding — food! 

Waterfront Insular Davao celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes and Chinese food favorites. Grab a mooncake and share it with everyone gathered around the table to keep ties stronger, then get the chopsticks ready for a feast at Cafe Uno. 

What’s your favorite Chinese chow? Dimsum, noodles? You’ll find it on Cafe Uno’s spread. The other best thing? You get to enjoy it as much as you can until you say no more. 

Chef Gilbert Banday

September weekends are best for families and friends to bond over Chef Gilbert Banday’s curated specialties: 8 Treasures Soup, Char Siu, Lechon Macau, steamed Pork Siomai among other Dim Dum favorites, Beef Wanton Basket, Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs, Hong Shao Rou (Braised Pork), steamed Pampano with siya ginger sauce, Chow Mien and many more. 

Char Siu

Salt & Pepper Ribs

Beef Wonton Basket

If you’re a regular diner at the La Parilla, then you must know of the Mongolian noodles that’s specially prepared according to your preference. It’s back on Cafe Uno’s offerings every weekend this month. 

Mongolian on the action station

The mooncake may be the sweetest thing to happen to your family this festival month but there is another treat to make you smile—the Buchi, which comes in an assortment. You might catch the chocolate Buchi. 

While the restaurant highlights the Chinese fare, the chef is offering more. The Japanese sushi boat will be docked on the buffet starter station, as well as the cheese platter. Does your sweet tooth might want more saccharine treats? There will be Mango Sago, cheesecakes and an assortment of freshly baked cakes. 

Savory & sweet. Pork & Ube Buns

One visit at Cafe Uno may not be enough. How about staying in for the weekend and enjoying the other Waterfront Insular offerings? 

“Get to see and feel the majestic overlooking view of Samal while having a comfortablestay for two for as low as P3,400. This good deal allows guests to dip at the Pool Aquarius for free. Best part? Start your morning with a free breakfast for two at Cafe Uno. We also have a complimentary merienda and dinner buffet for P3,800 and P4,300,respectively. What a steal, right?,” shared Pao Rosello, OIC for Sales and Marketing. 

Talking of merienda, there are two items that pop to mind in the mind of an “Insular-ite” (aka Insular loyalist)— Halu-halo and Pizza. For the latter, you might have your favorite (mine is sardines pizza) but this month, you get to enjoy the limited-edition Char Sui Pizza. 

Limited edition Char Siu Pizza served this September

Take home fond Mid-Autumn memories from your favorite resort hotel —and a box of mooncakes for luck!

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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