Art Watch: PHs "Young Picasso" Worth Lodriga visits Davao, exhibits at Stockbridge

"Young Picasso of the Philippines," Worth Lodriga, with one of his winning pieces during his exhibit at the Storckbridge American International School

Who else can set a good example to kids other than another kid himself? Stockbridge American International School (SAIS) was graced by young artist and world-renowned “Young Picasso of the Philippines, Worth Lodriga, for a whole school week. 

Worth Lodriga is welcomed to the Stockbridge by Joji Ilagan Bian, Chariperson of Joji Ilagan International Schools & Nicole Hao Bian Ledesma, COO & VP for Educational Development

“We at SAIS invited Worth Lodriga to Davao to exhibit his award-winning artworks and his latest series in our school. Sharing his art and experience will nurture the LIONS (Leadership, Innovation, Open-mindedness, Nobility, Stewardship) core values in its students for the hope that they will be inspired by the story of Worth, as Stockbridge lays its foundation of molding future global business leaders,” said Nicole Hao Bian Ledesma, COO of Education Development of the Joji Ilagan International Schools. 

At the exhibit opening with Austrian Consul Walter Faistauer

The students & guests of SAIS with the young artist

Wendy Lodriga, the artist's mother, showing Joji Ilagan Bian one of Worth's award-wining piece

Worth Lodriga was raised by a family of artists. He overcomes a trauma to become one of the country's most-awarded young artists. Among his achievements and accolades are NCCA's Ani ng Dangal Award in 2018 & 2020, Promil Kid, the only Child Youth Ambassador of the Philippines, one of the World's Youngest Heroes, first Asian Cartoon Network Ambassador, two-time 7-star artist awardee in Junior Picasso Contest in India in 2016 and 2018, and a winner of 31 international competitions. 

His advocacy is “art is for everyone.” It is not just for the ones who can afford but also for the ones who are passionate about art and develop this gift. As the founder of Travels and Paints, Worth goes around the country to impart his knowledge in art to the youth and the underprivileged. 

“I believe that this talent of mine is God given and that’s why I want to share it to others as well. I also believe that art is for everyone,” shared Worth, and added that he was only two years old when she amazed her mom with his special gift after he drew a human being in 3D. 

“I started competing as early as five years old and the rest is history. My mom has continuously mentored me until this day. It has been a blessing that my wonderful mom has honed me and supported me all the way, that’s why I am here with you to share my life’s journey. I am who I am and where I am now because of her.” 

The young artist believes that life is like art, full of colors and different strokes, that it takes time to truly accomplish goals just like making a painting, and that it takes learning and planning to know what to create and trying different strokes to come up with a masterpiece. 

During his one-week visit to SAIS, the young artist gave inspirational talks to the students and conducted art workshops in the campus, as well as to the young pupils of Stockbridge's chosen school beneficiary, the Josefa Llanes Escoda Elem. School, as part of the SAIS community outreach program. 

The Stockbridge American International School is the first and only international school in Mindanao with the aim of educating young global business leaders. SAIS offers programs for early childhood (6 months old to 4.11 years old) up to the secondary level (kinder to grade 12). 

As an international school, Education (London, UK). Pres SAIS is a member of the International Schools Association (Geneva, Switzerland) and Fieldwork. 

Alsop published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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