Dusit Davao x Emilia Sitjar Jewellery Charity Gala: Gratitude has wings

Cristoph Kuch, Dusit Davao General Manager & Lannie Merilo, Dusit Hotels Cluster DOSM presents ceremonial donation to Leonilo Rivero, Village Director of SOS Children's VIllage PH-Davao

To emerge in fine fettle from the lengthy somber spell into a bright new era is a blessing. A blessing that should be celebrated. A blessing meant to be shared. Winged in gratitude, Dusit Davao and Emilia Sitjar Jewellery took flight, joining many others, to be the wind under the wings of every child at the SOS Children’s Village Philippines. 

The Dusit Davao x Emilia Sitjar Jewellery Charity Gala was grand, the first of its kind past the pandemic. It raised the glass for life with gratitude while celebrating Mindanao art, culture and fashion—all for the children of the chosen beneficiary. It was a timely affair in the season of giving—Christmas. 

Bobby Horrigan, owners representative for Dusit Davao, & Cristoph Kuch, Dusit Davao General Manager

“There is so much gratefulness in our hearts as the Dusit x Emilia Sitjar Jewellery Charity Gala comes to life. This charity gala is rooted from doing things with greater purpose. During the pandemic, many industries have been severely affected, including ours. As the hospitality business progressively bounces back, our drive to give back only got stronger. Not only are we doing this for a cause by helping the SOS Children's Village Philippines - Davao, we are also giving limelight to the fashion and jewellery industries,” said Christoph Kuch, general manager of Dusit Davao. 

Generous souls from Davao and neighboring cities took heed. The hotel’s ballroom was filled with joy-filled hearts —and palates, with the new executive chef Piya Suthasiri from Thailand whipping up a delicious Thai meal that exudes the hotel brand’s essence. 

In between bites and sips of fine wine, the affair provided an auditory indulgence as well. The music was set to enchant with the live performances by the University of Mindanao Chorale, Maan Chua and the Davao Maharlika Strings. It was a heart-warming moment to see the children of SOS Children’s Village march on stage to sing. Perhaps it was their way of saying thank you. 

University of Mindanao Chorale

Davao Maharlika Strings

The children of SOS Children’s Village sings with Muzicskul

Life is a celebration, dress up for it. With the population gaining the confidence to step out of seclusion and reestablish social relations, the fashion purveyors see the light on its industry. Dodjie Batu, president of DFDC, said the group is honored to be part of the event, expressing, “The Dusit Charity Gala is a trailblazing move to scale up perspectives anew the local fashion scene post-pandemic. This event is the first of many attempts to renew our passion for fashion by fashioning our hearts in creating a community that genuinely cares.” 

Fashioned by “Elements,” the eight-member group interpreted nature’s essentials into wearable art. 

Barba, Ayag, Englis & Panizales

Limon, Buyan, Batu & Mira

DFDC. Designers Windel Mira, Aztec Barba, Dojie Batu, Edgar Buyan, Emi Englis, Benjie Panizales, Bamba Limon &Egay Ayag

Emil Sitjar, managing director of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery, thanked the hotel for providing the platform for Davao’s re-emergence. The homegrown jewellery house created a collection to exemplify the joy of life best with “Springtime of Gratitude” saying, “Our jewellery collection tries to capture how we feel--of being grateful for my family to have come out from the pandemic relatively healthy, of being able to restart our lives after over 2 years of ‘winter’, and to be able to give back, despite how hard times have been to most of us, to our community and to the children most in need. We also hope to put a smile on people's faces as they view our jewellery and be able to feel the wonderful elements of hope, love and understanding as well.” 

Emil Sitjar, managing director of Emilia Sitjar Jewellery, with  Emilia Sitjar

As the grand finale, bejeweled and radiant Davao muses illuminated the ballroom with sparkles from multi-faceted precious stones and beaming smiles. The collection elicited the emotion it was intended for. 

Emilia Sitjar Jewellery pieces on muses Bai Fatima Sinsuat, Maria Divina Gracia Magtoto & Mischka Gonzalez

Emilia Sitjar Jewellery pieces on muses Sholai Lim, Malou Monteverde & Len Liao Neo

Emilia Sitjar Jewellery pieces on muses Kate Labio, Twinkle Gamboa & Jessie Maloles

Philanthropy is forever fashionable and it’s this season to wear it best.This year’s Yuletide cheers will perhaps be the merriest and the most resounding for many, if not all of us. Count your blessings. There is always a cause to celebrate. While you’re at it, always don the most important accessories—gratitude and a smile. Now, fly! 

Maan Chua performs & Christi McGarry

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Seen at the Gala.

Lani Merillo, DOT XI RD Tanya Tan, GM Cristophe Kuch & DCTOO Jenny Romero

Councilor Ryan Alejandre & Erika Mata; Consul Malou Monteverde, Tomas Monteverde & Bessy Monteverde

Mischka Gonzalez, Micah Gonzalez, Maridol Gonzalez & Chin Santos; Carlo & Angel Aguilar with Charito Lizada

Edu Jarque & Honey Jarque-Loop; Rene Salud & Patty Betita

Baby Montemayor & Bebot Estanislao; Celine van Dierendonck, Alec van Dierendonck & Tess Le Neindre 

Len Neo & Ian Neo; Diana Basubas & Neil Basubas

Mika Taojo, Iñigo Taojo & Nicole Magat; Anavi Ramos, Malouchi Gahol & Boo Maramba

Mabel & Lissy Lemen; Roberto & Danney Sangregorio

Monica Ugarte, Raffy & Carmina del Rosario, & Mimi Tupas

Pep-C, Gemma & Jiolo Velez; Brenda Barba & Mike Dakudao

Twinkle Gamboa, Archie Gamboa & Mariane Gamboa; Mahal Gavino & James Salvador

Jules Manlitoc & Councilor Luna Acosta; Geoffrey & lala Lei

Reve Abelarde & Jessie Maloles; Cristina Yip & Horace Yip

Debbie Hao & Golda Divinagracia; Joy Taliño Taray & Jerry Taray

Dusit Davao team