Benjarong Davao elevates authentic Thai dining experience with Chef Woon Krissana

Thai Chef Woon Krissana

Dusit Davao’s signature restaurant brings exciting things this year – a new Benjarong Chef, a new a la carte menu and the comeback of Bar Time.

A new and evolving signature restaurant – this is what guests should look forward to when dining at Benjarong Davao. With its newest Chef, Woon Krissana, Dusit’s authentic Thai restaurant elevates its menu offers. The sought-after bar time of Benjarong Bar is set to have a comeback this March as well.

Last February 24, the Dusit Davao Team introduced Thai specialties personally prepared by Chef Woon to media writers and influencers at Benjarong. Executive Chef Piya Suthasiri gladly shared that Benjarong’s newest Chef hails from the northeastern part of Thailand, and is equipped with different culinary experiences given her international travels.

Som Tham Thod

Yeam Pla-Dook Fu


Gai Hor Bai Toey

Tom Hang-Wua

Pla-muek Phad Prik-Phao

Pla-Plah Thod

Hor-Mok Talay Ma-Prow Oon

Khao-Klook Ga-Pi

Chef Woon shares some insight about the new Benjarong menu, saying, “these dishes are a reflection of the inspirations I had throughout my career, highly influenced by the I-saan traditional style and modern culinary techniques. It has a unique characteristic that most dishes consist of herbs and spices as well as fresh ingredients.” When asked about her vision for the restaurant, Woon mentions, “I’d like for the depth of Thai cuisine to be more popular, and I hope Davao would embrace these flavors.”

Some of the new Benjarong specialties include Som Tham Thod (Crispy papaya salad), Yaam Pla-Dook Fu (Catfish salad), Khai-Jiew (Thai omelette), Hor-Mok Talay Ma-Prow Oon (Mixed seafood curry), Plah-Pla Thod (Crispy fried fish with fresh herbs and roasted chili paste sauce), and Ta-ko (a Lubi signature pandan and coconut pudding with corn kernel).


Khao Niaow Ma Muang

Apart from being a gastronomic destination for Thai cuisine, Benjarong used to be a go-to place for a night out with friends and colleagues pre-pandemic. Media friends were able to get a glimpse of these offers as Benjarong Bar will bring back Bar Time by March. Its new cocktail line-up include the Hurricane Twist, Margarita, Pink Flirtini, Vodka Stinger, and Rum Citrus Cooler. These cocktails are best paired with some Bar Chow, exclusively offered by the bar. 

dusitD2 Davao and Dusit Thani Residence Davao’s new Executive Sous Chef Dinan Recaborda was also introduced during the intimate dinner with the media. To book a table or inquire for reservations, guests may e-mail or call (082) 27 7500 and 0917 803 2862 (Benjarong).