Art Watch: Nina Custodio's "Wellspring" at The Patio at La Herencia

"WELLSPRINGS" documents the adventures of a "reluctant artist" from the start of her artistic dabbling; to the challenging times during the pandemic when she made the conscious decision to concentrate on being a doctor rather than being an artist; to her return to the art scene but still struggling with her "semi-artist's block mode", having gotten used to being "scientific" rather than expressive.

An artist's journey is never a straight line. Nina Custodio's artistic voyage certainly isn't. The ups, downs, bumps, and bruises experienced on the journey are certainly there, each curveball demanding more attention than she cares to give.

Nina Custodio's "Wellspring" is a visual journey that taps into her desire to go back to the headwaters of her passion and creativity through the paintings she has kept for herself to cherish and reflect upon. Finding inspiration from the experiences and emotions that came with each piece and picking-up and moving forward where she left off before the world stopped, drunk-with-joy, filled with reassurance, and happily, on the right path.

Wellspring art exhibit runs from February 1 to 10 at The Patio at La Herencia, F. Torres Street, Davao City.