In Hong Kong: Hello Kitty · Happy 50 at Harbour City

Hello Kitty celebrates its 50th anniversary worldwide in style, partnering with Harbour City in Hong Kong as the “International Friendship Ambassador” for the unforgettable “HELLO KITTY · HAPPY 50 @ Harbour City” anniversary celebration. Join us from 25 January to 25 February for an enchanting experience! Explore the 5 captivating experiential zones, starting with the HELLO KITTY 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Thematic Installation and photo opportunities with the 5-meter-high Hello Kitty daruma. Immerse yourself in lion dance culture at the Hello Kitty Lion Dance Garden and marvel at the exquisite Hello Kitty art exhibition, showcasing exclusive collaborations, limited-edition sculptures, paintings, and jewellery. Discover a world of adorable treasures at the two pop-up stores, including customizable candy cookie gift boxes and exclusive anniversary collectibles. Harbour City also brings you the redemption of 50 HELLO KITTY Past Styles’ Tote Bags and a charity exchange for the Hello Kitty Glittery Charm. Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Hello Kitty designer, Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi’s autograph event on 2 to 3 February! Hello Kitty extends a warm invitation to fans worldwide to join the excitement at Harbour City and “Friend the Future”. All event proceeds, after deducting minimal costs, will be generously donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

1st Checkpoint: Experience the 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Installation and Collect 8 Adorable Hello Kitty Daruma Capsules

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Installation is ready at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt, and inviting all fans to hop on and participate. The parade float is designed with the concept of an “Apple Wishing Garden”, where Hello Kitty transforms into a Daruma of wishes, hoping to send different blessings to everyone.

The installation consists of three parade floats, led by Hello Kitty waving flags that bear the special logo of Harbour City. The first float, the “Classic Apple-shaped Float”, is driven by Hello Kitty’s sister, Mimmy. Following that is the main float, the “Apple Wishing Garden”, featuring a 5-meter-tall red Hello Kitty Daruma and eight smaller Darumas wearing red apples on their heads. The Darumas are adorned with things that Hello Kitty loves, representing different wishes, including Happiness, Wealth, Love, Family, Fortune, Study, Career, and Health. On the back of the giant Daruma is a gashapon machine, where visitors can get a charming and adorable Hello Kitty Daruma capsule by inserting a Hello Kitty silver coin (HK$50), consisting of a set of 8 different designs. In the garden you’ll be surrounded by a delightful variety of pink apple trees. Take a moment to relax as you settle into the charming Hello Kitty-shaped swing and the whimsical bow-shaped swing under the big apple tree. And for even more fun, join Hello Kitty and her lovable friends Joey and Rorry, creating cherished memories in this joyful garden.

The third float features a grand archway inspired by Hello Kitty’s Dream House, where Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel warmly welcome everyone in front of a small flower garden! Connecting the second and third floats is a love lock bridge. Starting from 1 February, you can purchase a Hello Kitty Love Lock (HK$25) and hang it on the bridge, marking a special moment with your loved ones.

Installation Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Event Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
Location: Ocean Terminal Forecourt

2nd Checkpoint: Hello Kitty’s Lion Dance Garden: Embrace the Adorable Charm of Lion Dance Installations

Hello Kitty has always had a wide range of interests, and as Lunar New Year approaches, she wants to bring a festive atmosphere to the anniversary celebration. In the “Lion Dance Garden” installation, you’ll find an adorable Hello Kitty stepping on a plum blossom pile, accompanied by a large lion dance head and four big drums behind her, inviting you to join in the drumming excitement. The vibrant lion dance flags proudly display auspicious blessings and serve as a colourful backdrop, making it a must-visit photo spot. Harbour City, in collaboration with the Keung’s Dragon & Lion Dance Team and the brand “Needless”, aims to promote the traditional Chinese lion dance culture. In the small flower garden beneath Hello Kitty, there is a display showcasing the history of lion dance, including lion head production, lion dance training, and the art of flag and drum performances. Besides capturing memorable photos, visitors can also enhance their knowledge of this traditional folk performing art.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Location: Ocean Terminal Deck

3rd Checkpoint: Step into Hello Kitty’s Floral Universe at “Every Flower Tells a Story” Art Exhibition

Harbour City presents the “Every flower tells a story” Art Exhibition, curated by William Chan Design. Renowned artists have come together to showcase the diverse and captivating charm of Hello Kitty through various art forms. One highlight of the exhibition is the exclusive “Color Your Future” collection, a collaboration between William Chan Design and Bull & Stein. Bull & Stein, a renowned German home decor brand, combines their iconic apple design with Hello Kitty’s classic image to create a series of collectible Hello Kitty art sculptures. Each of the 10 sculptures, limited to 20 pieces per colour (price from HK$19,800), is meticulously handcrafted by top European artisans using Swiss-patented pigments, resulting in a luxurious and fashionable style.

Another featured artist is Hisahiro Fukazawa from Japan, presenting a collection of Hello Kitty-inspired exquisite 24 Karat Gold Acrylic Paintings. The series consists of 10 artworks (price from HK$24,800), showcasing the essence of Japanese classical flower and bird paintings with intricate craftsmanship and modern design, complementing the story of Hello Kitty and flowers.

Additionally, Wondrous Group Limited unveils the Hello Kitty Jewellery Collection (price from HK$380), featuring silver, semi-precious stones, and 18K gold pieces. Incorporating the art of enamel painting and materials such as gemstones, mother-of-pearl, and diamonds, the collection exudes the glamorous charm of Hello Kitty’s classic image.

The exhibition also offers a range of limited-edition Hello Kitty merchandise (price from HK$40), including blankets, acrylic stands, phone holders, and vases. All the artworks and merchandise are available for sale from 25 January at the Gallery by the Harbour, making it a must-visit destination for Hello Kitty fans.

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
Location: Gallery by the Harbour, Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre

4th Checkpoint: Hello Kitty X Kee Wah Bakery Candies & Cookies Pop-up Store presents Three “HELLO KITTY · HAPPY 50” Gift Boxes

Don’t miss the Hello Kitty x Kee Wah Bakery Candies & Cookies Pop-up Store! The entire store is filled with pink and adorable decor. As soon as you enter, you can take a lovely photo with Hello Kitty and her favourite things. On the other side of the store, Hello Kitty and her sister, Mimmy, are waiting for you to capture the perfect photo moment.

Inside the store, there are three “HELLO KITTY · HAPPY 50” Candies & Cookies Gift Boxes available. These include a cardboard tote bag (HK$68, 10 pcs per box, including up to 3 Hello Kitty-themed ones), an iconic “coin purse” style (HK$288, 20 pcs per box, including up to 6 Hello Kitty-themed ones), and a Hello Kitty-shaped tin box (HK$388, 30 pcs per box, including up to 12 Hello Kitty-themed ones). The packaging is adorned with Hello Kitty and her beloved items, showcasing a delightful and cute design. Customers can choose to purchase pre-made gift boxes or customize their own. By selecting the gift box style, they can then visit the candy bar to choose the designated quantity of their favourite candies and cookies, including special Hello Kitty-themed ones. This allows you to create your own personalized and beloved Candy Cookie Gift Box!

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
Location: Level 2, Ocean Centre (Near Shop OC 226-7 dunhill)

5th Checkpoint: Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Pop-Up Store featuring a Global Exclusive Launch of Adorable Collectibles

Sanrio has grandly opened a Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Pop-up Store at Harbour City. Highlights include a Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary photo spot and the global exclusive launch of a variety of exquisite products. The pop-up store, themed around exploring the future, features a stunning “Friend the Future” – designed photo area where fans can take pictures with Hello Kitty and create wonderful memories. Additionally, there is a Hello Kitty 50th anniversary themed Snapio photo machine available, allowing you to capture adorable moments with your loved ones and friends.

A series of delightful limited-edition items has also been launched to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary! This includes a Hong Kong-exclusive limited edition set of Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary commemorative pins, with only 100 sets available. The complete set features Hello Kitty designs from 1974 to 2023, along with 2 hidden editions. Additionally, there are 19 classic Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary plush figurines and 1 bow figurine, all exclusive to the event. Whether as collectibles or gifts, these items are truly unique treasures! The store also offers a variety of exclusive products and limited-edition commemorative items that are irresistible. They will surely ignite your endless love and memories of Hello Kitty.

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
Location: Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal

Discover 50 Iconic Hello Kitty Past Styles’ Tote Bags and Get a Hello Kitty Glittery Charm for a Good Cause

Harbour City will launch the captivating 50 Iconic Hello Kitty Past Styles’ Tote Bags on 1 February. Each bag represents a different design spanning from 1974 to the present, showcasing Hello Kitty’s evolution throughout the years. In addition to the tote bags, the Hello Kitty Glittery Charm – the semi-transparent pink charm filled with adorable sparkling flakes – is also available. Customers can receive one designated tote bag and one charm redemption voucher for free by making a same-day single electronic spending of HK$500 or more at participating merchants during the event period. With the voucher, you can donate HK$25 at the Hello Kitty x Kee Wah Bakery Candies & Cookies Pop-up Store to redeem one charm. Quantities are limited and available while stocks last.

Hello Kitty Limited-Edition Chinese Zodiac Commemorative Golden Coin Individual Set Available for Sale

The previously launched Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Chinese Zodiac Commemorative Golden Coin Wooden Box Set sold out quickly, thanks to the tremendous love and support from fans. However, there is exciting news! Starting from 25 January, the individual set of the golden coin (HK$50) will be available for public sale. The packaging design showcases Hello Kitty as a wish-granting Daruma, with her iconic red apple atop her head and holding a Golden Coin. Those who are interested can purchase this special item at the Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” themed installation located at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt. Remember, this release is limited, so make sure not to miss out!

Pre-Order the Celebration Experience Package and Join the Hello Kitty Designer Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi’s Autograph Event

Harbour City has launched two celebration experience packages for the anniversary, which fans can book through Klook. In addition to getting precious limited-edition anniversary items all at once, there is also a rare opportunity to participate in an autograph event with Hello Kitty designer Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi where she will personally draw Hello Kitty for you on-site. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity: Celebration Experience Package A (HK$600) & Celebration Experience Package B (HK$900)