D'House of Beef sizzles with a dash of Japanese flair

From seafood to beef, the latest food venture of the Boiling Crab team led by Anthony Ang is a collaboration with Chef Bruce Lim, and invites Davao to enjoy a unique dining experience in D'House of Beef.

Collaborators. Restaurateur Anthony Ang & Chef Brice Lim 

A toast to the new restaurant. Partners Karina ang, Chef Bruce Lim, Anthony Ang & Jenny Ang

D'House of Beef is a steakhouse with a modern Japanese twist, say the owners. That Oriental mood is set with a Japanese garden under a flight of stairs, dragons at the entry, and a lobby appointed with light-toned wood slats set against dark hues. The main dining hall is coated in deep charcoal grey--matte painted walls, granite tabletops, upholstery and even the dinnerware--wood toned accents break the monotony. Dropping from the high ceiling are exhaust ducts in high gloss black, rendering a message that diners will be taking part in the food journey. 

The restaurant interior

Check out the wine cellar for your choice of wine

Japanese food items are on the menu-- Sashimi, EbiTempura, Karaag, Teppanyaki, Udon, Sukiyaki and others. For the grill, a selection of meat cuts of poultry, pork and the main feature of the house--the beef. High grade rib eye, flank, striploin, sirloin and tenderloin from the USA, New Zealand and Japan. The stars of the House of Beef? The Japanese A5 Wagyu would be a good choice if you crave for the melt-in-your-mouth, rich tasting beef.

The stars of the d' house. a few of what the resto have on the menu

Ebi Tempura.

The chef in action

Twice served. The look of someone who got a second serving of A5 Japanese Rib Eye steak

The restaurant offers choices on how you want your steaks cooked, either on the hibachi grill or the lava stone grill. You can grill it yourself or the house staff can assist you. But this I can assure you, watching the beef sizzle on the grill will make you wish it would cook faster. The scent it emits will make you hungrier than ever. 

Saved by the chef. Because this guest doesn't know how to cook.

Enjoy your steaks with a glass of wine. You'll find a bottle you'll fancy from the wide selection of the house's wine cellar.

D' House of Beef is located along Buhangin Road (near the Ladislawa Garden Village entrance)

The restaurant crew

You'll be this happy leaving the place

Who got first dibs...