Joji Ilagan International Schools blazes trail anew partnering with DOST-XI to boost Halal industry in Mindanao

Partnership signed. Joji Ilagan Bian, Chairperson of Joji Ilagan International Schools (JIIS), and Dr. Anthony Sales, Regional Director Department of Science and Technology (DOST) XI, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the Halal industry in the region. Nicole Hao-Bian Ledesma, Chief Operating Officer JIIS, and Mirasol Domingo, DOST Assistant Regional Director, stood as witnesses.

“It all starts with a dream,” said Joji Ilagan Bian, Chairperson of Joji Ilagan International Schools (JIIS), during her message of gratitude at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Halal Program with Department of Science and Technology (DOST) XI, adding, “JIB has always the first in everything in Davao. We have the first International School of tourism and Hospitality, the first and only school offering a bachelors degree in culinary, the first international school for K12, and so many others,. This is another another trailblazing event that we need to celebrate.” 

Joji Ilagan Bian, the dreamer who makes things happen

She said the Halal program has always been her dream. Attending discussions, she realized that Halal is a big contributor not only to economic development but to the regional and countryside development as well. Halal can provide opportunities to business big and small, and there is a large potential market. 

JIB wants to be active in Halal. Since the company excels in academics and educational partnership, they decided to put up an internationally certified Halal Kitchen, which provides a platform for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs to explore into the Halal food business field. Like what JIB did when introducing a new idea, the new project is another venue to educate, make the community understand and appreciate the values and importance of Halal, and to make it available to everyone. Halal’s potential in the economic growth is vast and great. 

In inking a collaboration with DOST-XI to strengthen the Halal Food industry in Davao City and the region, JIB ’s dream has come to a realization, and sets another trailblazing undertaking for Joji Ilagan International Schools (JIIS). 

Part of the Halal Science and Technology Program of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is to enhance the capabilities of its Halal stakeholders—the MSMEs providing Halal products and services, Halal accrediting bodies, Halal certifying bodies, academe, and civil society. To upskill the workforce, the government and the stakeholders should work together. 

Dr. Anthony Sales, Regional Director Department of Science and Technology (DOST) XI 

Dr. Anthony Sales, Regional Director Department of Science and Technology (DOST) XI said. “With the signing of our Memorandum of Understanding, we believe that we will be able to contribute substantially to the development of the Halal industry in the country. With your expertise in Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary, and Entrepreneurship, I am certain that we can achieve our shared goals of providing Halal-compliant tourism-related products and services, systems, and processes to contribute to the fulfillment of the Halal strategic plan thereby increasing the number of Muslim-friendly establishments in the region. We are looking forward to carrying out scientific and technological cooperation through joint Research and Development, the conduct of joint training and specialized training courses, the organization of joint conferences, symposia, workshops, and events, and the promotion of collaboration and other related activities, among others.” 

Nicole Hao Bian Ledesma, Chief Operating Officer of JIIS

Nicole Hao Bian Ledesma, Chief Operating Officer of JIIS, said in her message, “We reaffirm our commitment in our advocacy in making Mindanao a Halal hub for the Philippines. The JIIS commits itself in providing (educational) advantages to our students through the Halal program. More than that, this partnership does not only benefit our students, but can also uplift the community, city and country as a whole because we have the potential to contribute to the booming Halal industry.” 

Gypsy Mae Casurao, JIIS Director for Innovation Excellence

Dr. Victoria Ligan, JIIS Corporate Head for research and development presented how the p 

JIIS and DOST-XI teams