Betsy Brias-Westendorp, the artist.

“I am happiest when I am painting.”

Artist Betsy Westendorp must be the happiest woman around because she paints everyday.

Spanish by birth and Filipino by marriage to Filipino-Spanish businessman Tony Brias, Betsy Westendorp is best known for her portraits of society’s elite,  fine floral imagery and stirring interpretations of nature and landscape.

Betsy Westendorp’s relocation to the Philippines in 1951 must be fated. Awaiting her was a treasure trove- an abundance of inspiration. It was an offering she took great interest in and found hard to resist.  The artist’s passion for painting was stirred once more after it took the back seat to be a devoted wife and a mother.  Her bond with her paint brushes was renewed and it was no sooner when the country’s myriad of scenery and subjects landed on her canvases and became works of art.

Even with hundreds of artworks painted, exhibited, applauded and treasured on the walls of private collectors and revered institutions both locally (Cultural Center of the Philippines, Malacanang Palace) and abroad (European galleries), 83-year old Betsy Westendorp’s fire to create is still burning bright.

Davao couldn’t be luckier to start the year with a very significant event. Betsy Westendorp’s highly-esteemed artworks in subjects we all have come to admire – from her much-loved flower series- the MilfloresOrquedias, Birds of Paradise and Poppy flowers; from the Atmosferosgrafias series of breathtaking sunrise and more- will be exhibited in the city for all the art lovers to appreciate. Highlighting the affair, the celebrated artist will be in town to grace her one-woman exhibition on the opening night (strictly by invitation only).

The Betsy Westendorp Exhibition will be at the Game Room of the Pearl Farm Marina in Lanang, and is open for public viewing from February 12 -17, 2011, from 10AM-12NN and 2PM-6PM. 

To see more of artist's paintings, visit her website:  
Artworks on this page are from her website and are not included in the exhibition.

Spring Flowers XI, Oil on Board 1995

From her Atmosferosgrafias series, Sunrise 0857. Oil on Canvas 1996
Milflores VI. Oil on canvas 1995

Orquideas 0474. Oil on canvas 1990 
Portrait of Nenita
Betsy Brias-Westendorp with Cristina Brias
Photo credit: Artist's solo photograph by Denise Weldon for Town & Country Magazine