I Dreamt of Betsy Westendorp

Artist Betsy Westendorp
with one of her artwork from her Poppy Flower Series

I had a dream

in it, I finally get to meet renowned painter Betsy Westendorp.

.....that I was starstruck.

in it, I joined this genteel lady for lunch...... & then for dinner. It was indeed an honor to have been invited.

.....that I was quiet, still in awe of the artist's presence.

in it, I was allowed the rare chance to hang out in the room where she was prepping her one-woman exhibition here in Davao to benefit the local chapter of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc.

.....that I turned into a trigger-happy paparazzi.

in it, her nephew Tony Brias handed me one of her precious paintings. "A regalo from the artist," he said.... For doing what I love to do most- tell the world what they shouldn't miss- a spoken "thank you" would have been more than enough.

.....that I was staring wide-eyed at a favorite piece on my hand, 
the Poppy Flowers, speechless & grinning silly. 
My feelings & words of gratitude were overflowing.

in it, Betsy Westendorp was smiling at me & graciously said,  "You make me feel proud because of your love for my work."

It was one of the most wonderful words that I heard anyone say.

and I wake up.

At my bedside is Betsy Westendorp's Poppy Flower painting.

Good morning! 

Thank you very much Sra. Betsy Westendorp.
I am truly blessed.

Don't miss Betsy Westendorp's exhibition in Davao. It is open for public viewing starting tomorrow, February 12, Saturday, until February 17, Thursday, at the Game Room of the Pearl Farm Marina in Lanang . Exhibit hours from 10AM to 12NN & 2PM-6PM. 

Beautiful works everyone should see! 

The artist is a Presidential Medal of Merit recipient, the equivalent of National Artist Award & conferred to non-Filipinos who have made significant contributions to the development of Philippine arts.

This exhibition by Betsy Westendorp is mounted to extend her support to the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc., the show's co-presentor.