She took my heart....

Yes, she did take my heart.

And I am not only referring to the Argento del Salvador silver happy heart she is wearing around her neck for the world to see.

Not only does she breath talent, Betsy Westendorp is a lady, a real lady. Genteel, kind, oozing with grace & yes, every single DNA in her body exudes class and elegance.

She shared her art and heart to Davao and the children with Down Syndrome. 

.....Even surprising Ro and I with bouquets of  wonderful Poppy flowers that bloom eternal. 

Our heartfelt "thank you" to a wonderful woman and a great artist. We have been blessed to have met you....from Ro & Jinggoy.

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Yes, you have taken our hearts, Sra. Betsy Westendorp.

 The silver one & the hundreds that beat!

The Art of Betsy Westendorp, At Home in Davao, an exhibit mounted with the Davao Chapter of the Down Syndrome of the Philippines, Inc. is open for public viewing until February 17, Thursday, at the Game Room of the Pearl Farm, Marina, Lanang. 

This art show is truly worth your while.

...and art critic Cid Reyes says......

“Westendorp’s nature paintings correspond with the verdant setting of Davao, which is inarguably a veritable temple to flora. The place is a natural eden for a breathtaking variety of orchids, which is among Westendorp’s favored subjects. Thus it makes Davao a most fetching destination for the art of Westendorp. Away from the choking pollution and the frenzied energy of Metro Manila, Westendorp’s paintings can finally heave a sigh of relief. Truly, Davao is a breath of fresh air.”
“Veering towards abstraction are Westendorp’s paintings of sunsets and cloudscapes. While her landscapes are inspired by such specific places as Tagaytay or Batangas, her sunsets, though often adverting to Manila Bay, transcend locale and diffuses into the universal. Monet adviced artists: “Paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape, until it gives your own impression of the scene before you.” Westendorp, however, simplifies or accentuates, as the painting impels her to do, rather than mimic an exact duplicate of a scene. Thus, the paintings look more crisply rendered. For instance, a ray of light bursting through grey clouds may need the accent of a steely silver glint. A painting is its own self-contained universe.”