Bitch Bites. Trying what's new on the menu.

The bitch can bite alright.
Often on your neck & sometimes on food.
This is all about food.

Bitch Bites is all about what's new on the menu around town.

The Crispy Dilis at Happy Home, Torres St., fronting Assumption Church.

It's a cozy upscale turo-turo offering scheduled menus daily. It's run by Leandro's Catering so expect the same great tasty spread. My Monday must have is the Crispy Dilis & request the garlic vinegar as dipping sauce. It's a must-try & shows that good food does not have to be fancy.

Sweet Spread at Alor's, Torres St.

My weekly lunch date with the girls took me to this new resto. The desserts came recommended and so we picked four to share- three chocolate & one strawberry. 

I found all three smothered-with-sweetness chocolate desserts- with dripping chocolate icing, with vanilla ice cream & with mousse- taste the same, but in different textures. I suggest you don't let your eyes do the eating & order one. It's a buy-one-taste-three deal. OR try them all and tell me what you think. They may a bit too sweet for my taste but it was such a welcome treat after having the salty Pinoy pasta dish.

If you must, get this one. 

The Frozen Brazo-Strawberry (comes in other flavors) is ok and is Maite's favorite. But I don't have her taste buds.

Personally, I cannot say the desserts are to die for, but it's worth trying. You might like it.