Michaelangelo’s mother

Works of art, works of love. All for mom.

I wonder how the great artists like Michaelangelo, Botticelli and Vasari, BenCab, Ang Kiukok and Malang spent their summers as kids? Were they sent to art classes as well? Was it the spark in their illustrious career?

If so, these kids are lucky. Their paths are paved to their possible stardom. Leave it to Mom to uncover hidden talent…. while saving the home from shambles.

Clearly, raising a family with kids was far different then. Motherhood as a fulltime career is more challenging these days with having an extra ball to juggle – a profession, one that earns money. More than a choice, it is a necessity. One more breadwinner in the household will guarantee to keep the household afloat. Nothing comes cheap nowadays.

Leave it to mothers to tackle all her multi-tasking duties with flying colors. She knows where to put everything in place, an innate talent men will never comprehend. That includes where to divert her brood’s energy during the long break of summer.

It must have been mothers who conceived summer workshops- swimming, ballet, art, etc. I must admit, it is a fabulous idea lest they have to deal with the little ones 24/7 for two months.

One workshop I was able to check out was Trust Home Depot’s summer art workshop by Davao artist Mary Anne Guinoo. In her class are kids aged three to twelve. Being a mom and a teacher has trained her to deal her young energetic students.

Lessons form Artist and mother Mary Anne Guinoo

In this workshop, moms will be thankful that their kids can unleash the creative side on the proper format (and liberate the house as the canvas for bored indefatigable kids). But what they don’t know is Teacher/Mother Mary Anne and her blossoming artists have something up their sleeves- a work of art especially for mom on her special day.

A painting for mom that can enliven the home is a great idea, an artwork mom can take along with her all the time is a brilliant idea. As part of the art curriculum, these young Michaelangelos are using tote bags as their canvases. It’s the secret project they eagerly tackled for their mamas today.

Proud artists with their Mother's Day gift for mom.

I wish we get the chance to see the mothers when they open their gifts from their little artists. For sure, they will be ecstatic and grateful for the handmade present, and beaming with pride over their children’s masterpieces. Do I detect a taint of guilt for not spending their summer break with them? I’m teasing, of course.

Everyone keeps saying this all the time- everyday should be mother’s day. True. Let’s! But the reality is tomorrow mom has to be up early and plan the day for the household - clean, cook and more, see off dad to work and the kids to school, and prepare herself for her other role as a working woman. Wonder Woman, indeed!

But somewhere in her existence as a mother where “me time” is non-existent, a hug, a kiss, an “I love you, mom”, or a gift made by her angel’s little hands, makes everything worth it.

….. and the lacrimal glands start working overtime.

Happy Mother’s Day. You too, Mother Goose! 

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