Good-bye lamok!

I finally found it.


It's this spray's effect on mosquitoes and other insects. 

My long wait is finally over!

Ever since I've tried the gel form of insect repellant I found in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I don't want to use anything greasy. The ones available in the market are either oil-based or in lotion form that's a bit too heavy and hot for the tropical weather, not to mention the scent a bit too strong for me.

Then this came along-- ta-dah!--Aromacology's All Natural 3-in-1 Repellant Spray--a water-based insect repellant, and best of all, locally manufactured. It's not only tough on mosquitoes but on lice and ticks as well.

Check out this insect repellant's wonders:
95% plant extract from lemon, eucalyptus and citronella.
DEET free
Non-greasy formula since it's water based
Safe for children
8 hours protection
100ml retails for P 295 and the 30ml for P 110 at the Aromacology cart, 2nd level of NCCC Mall.

This is just one of the many wonderful products of Aromacology-Sensi, a Davao company that creates skin care products that is 98% Botanical based. Visit their website at