Of ninong-ing, kumpil-ing & nostalgic-ing

Ring, ring, ring on the telephone...

Sis-in-law: Jing, pwede kang mag-ninong sa kumpil ni Javi?
Me: Sure, what do I need to do?
SIL: You just have to stand beside him.
Me: Ok.

Of course, I tried to dig deep into my memory banks if I was confirmed myself. 
Search failed. I cannot remember. Maybe I was. If not, I will consider my nephew's confirmation will be mine as well. 

It's been ages since I stepped foot on the grounds of my alma mater. It was exciting to visit the campus again.

Then: The grade school wooden building with St. Ignatius de Loyola statue in front way back then.

net photo

Now: The patron saint across the concrete school building on the rear side of the campus.

From the other side of the fence, I've seen buildings rose but never really seen any of them until now. The green fields we used to do sports in, the wooden garage and the vegetable plots we planted were gone and buildings stand on its place. There's even a rubberized track and field and pool now. Amazing.

We were only a handful of students back in my days. We practically knew everyone in high school -- form freshman to senior, that seems to be impossible to do today. With ten classrooms per level, much brain effort is needed to process all names and faces, the kids' lessons tops the priority.

I walked towards the gymnasium (ours then wasn't even a fifth of this size!) and took my place in my assigned seat with kumare Ada, who also had a son being confirmed. It was like a reunion.

Actually, almost all of the parents present were my schoolmates which just shows, if I had kids of my own, one would be attending this ceremony.

Huge! Doves where even nesting on the trusses.
The ninongs' topic behind me: bird droppings and the unlucky ones who get "anointed".
Well, what do you know......

Oh well, you know what they say about poop. It means moolah.
The kids marched in. So orderly. Nice.

Here's my nephew Javi.

A few minutes before the mass started, he disappears and that got me worried.

Then I saw him walk up the stage and with gave the "call to worship" address.
I can't help but be proud.

Back on his seat, the confirmation rites began.

Here he is with Archbishop Romulo Valles after the rites.

And with mom, dad, ninong and ninang.