maba-BLAG ka ba sa kaka-BLOG?

It seems that bitching (to those deserving of it, of course) and serving lemons in this blog site of mine, or in cyberspace for that matter, will get me into trouble - unbelievably steep penalty of 12 years in jail if proven guilty of libel. Laban ka? Hindi naman pwedeng puro apples na lang ipapamigay ko, ano?

With the new Cybercrime Law, suddenly freedom of speech has become a crime.

Hindi ako makakapayag ma-BLAG sa kaka-BLOG!

Join us here:

Understand what's wrong with the Cybercrime Law and what to protest.
FREEDOM PARK (appropriate venue, isn't it?)
TUESDAY, October 9th, 9AM.

Para maginhawa kang nagba-blog.... at nagsusulat sa dyaryo o ano mang publication.