M&S Davao Style File: The Gempesaws, he said, she said, a Christmas story

Christmas at the Gempesaw's.
“There are no small or big gifts in our household. We love giving presents. And, those we receive, we always see what’s beyond the shiny wrappers and ribbon—the love that came along with it,” they all said.

On Him: top & pants from M&S Collection for Men. On Her: ensemble from M&S Collection for Women.

Everyone is basking in the joyful spirit of the holidays. It’s in the air since the first carol was played on the airwaves on the first day of the “ber” month. There is no place in the world Christmas is spent longer than in these islands.

It’s a few more days until the big day. The homes are decked with boughs of holly, wreaths and lanterns, the holiday tree is gleaming in hues of red and gold and holiday tree topper twinkling brightly, nightly, and each family member’s Christmas stockings are ready to be stuffed with goodies.

But what do you fill it with?

For the Gempesaws, that is not a problem, they know what to put under the tree and stuff the socks with. Thanks to their wish lists, getting the right present will never be as complex as grasping quantum physics.

Kay, 39, says, “It’s a very practical solution but it can take away the excitement of unwrapping the mystery gifts. I still try to veer away from the list and surprise my husband and kids with something they want but least expect getting. The smiles on their faces are just precious. Mothers know best, don’t you think?”

She said, “Tom in coat & tie really suits him. I wish I can him wear it tmore often”
He said, “I like dresses & the color red onKay. She looks good in those.”

On Him: Coat from Autograph, shirt & tie from M&S Collection, jeans & shoes from Blue Harbour. On Her: Dress from M&S Collection, shoes from Limited Collection

Tom, 43, says, “I’ll stick to their Christmas lists. It’s sure shot deal and a time-saver. Can you picture the long queue snaking to the store cashiers this season?”

For daughter Chloe, 12, she said she would love to have her art stuff, and Tomas, 8, really wants his action figures. But they don’t mind getting chocolate cookies which they can share with Santa, “Chocolates, too! The dark ones please. The darker the better,” they added. Quite an unusual preference for kids their age. “It’s what the family loves—dark chocolate, warm dark chocolate drinks with marshmallows,” Kay added.

Then there are the more personal wishes…

Tom knows Kay loves perfumes and the “beauty stuff” women use that fill their dressers with—lotions, powders, etc. “I can always get her that any time of the year. Maybe I will surprise her with jewelry? But I will have to work double time for that,” he said laughing.

“I wish Kay would wear more reds, it’s an attractive color on her. Dresses, too, she looks good in dresses. I always see her in jeans because her work at Baby Cakes and Fun Cuts need her to be running around the city,” he said.

On Kay: striped top from Per Una; cardigan, leggings & shoes from M&S Collection for Women.

Kay says Tom’s list never changes—socks, belts and basic clothing. “His favorite color is gray. Have you heard of anyone else having that as a favorite color?” she asked, her eyes rolling. “Tom is into farming and machineries, his hobby is off-road racing, and he wears cargo pants and t-shirts day in and out,” and added, “Tom really looks good in a shirt, tie and jacket. I wish I could see him wear it more often. I also wish he would add colors to his gray and white wardrobe. A pop of bright hues like orange and yellow would really be nice,” she said.

On Tom: Striped long-sleeve shirt from Autograph; Vest &l pants from Blue Harbour.

Young Tomas said, “I don’t have a gift for Chloe. Wait! I will give her lots of cookies so she will grow fat.” A naughty wish that drew a pout from his sister, to which Chloe responded, ”I will give you the same so we will get fat together.”

He said, “I will give Chloe lots & lots of cookies so she will get fat.”
She said, “I will give Tomas the same so we can get fat together.”

Cookie Wonderland. The kids can get their cookie & chocolate fix at the M&S food section.

Whatever the Gempesaws end up with this Christmas, it will surely be something they will cherish. “There are no small or big gifts in our household. We love giving presents. And, those we receive, we always see what’s beyond the shiny wrappers and ribbon—the love that came along with it,” they all said.

If we wish hard enough, it will come true. Christmas is all about miracles happening and dreams coming true. Happy holidays to one and all!

 Tom in tailored fit coat from Limited Collection; inner shirt & necktie from Autograph; and Kay, garbed in M&S Collection.

Photography: Wacky Masbad. Styling & Make-Up: Otoy Mercado

All clothes from Marks & Spencer with store locations at Level 1 of Abreeza Mall, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, telephone nos. 321-7231 to 32; and Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier, telephone no. 285-0654.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 15, 2013.