October 2015 musings: Que horror! The Apples and Lemons Halloween edition

THIS time I’m serving Pumpkin Pies in place of Apples and Jack-O-Lanterns in place of Lemons to episodes pretty much like Mother Lily’s Shake, Rattle and Roll. Unlike the SRR, there are more feel good episodes than horror ones.

Pumpkin pie Episode 1: Tasteful and tastier

Everything seems to be looking up at Marco Polo. These changes are quite distinct in the food taste and presentation, which was displayed in a recent party the hotel hosted at the Polo Bistro.

Tasty & tasteful. Marco Polo's food has greatlyimproved in taste. Their event presetations are very appealing these days as well

The Deck was tastefully decorated with red roses in the right amount (red can be overpowering) and the cocktail station was presented with well-selected and tasteful bites.

The new team si doing a good job. Congratulations and have a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie Episode 2: The spilt wine.

On the same affair, I accidentally spilt a whole glass of wine on the sleeves of my light-colored coat while attempting a selfie.

As soon as it happened, even before I could ask for white wine to counter the possible staining, the restaurant supervisor offered, “Sir, we will take care of that. May I have your coat so we can have it dry cleaned right away? You will have it back in an hour.”

The selfie shot that spilt wine on my coat. Marco Polo to the rescue

True enough, I was wearing it again long before the party ended. How’s that for service? I was very impressed and thankful for the immediate action. I salute you. Here’s a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie Episode 3:The scent and feel of coffee

A good massage is always the perfect ending to an event filled day and Lazuli Spa will always be a good choice.

I have tried a good number of the entries in the menu but the most recent one came as a surprise—the coffee scrub-signature massage tandem.

Have you been to Lazuli Spa lately. The Coffee Scrub-Signature Massage tandem is blissful

If the scent of coffee is brain stimulating, the ground coffee did the same with my skin. The coffee scrub took out dead skin cells and perked my skin to suppleness. The signature massage that followed was totally relaxing that tired muscles were no more.

Coffee goes well with pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie Episode 4: A world of textile

Ruby Ochoa said on the on-going exhibit at the Abreeza Mall: ”We made it part of the United Nations Day celebration.” It made good sense.

Two artists celebrating. Boy Guino-o opening his textile exhibition on the same day guest Branda Barba added a candle on her cake

Southeat Asian artistry on a textile. One of the Malaysian handwoven fabrics on exhibit at the Abreeza Mall

Boy Guino-o exhibited his collections of textiles amassed from his travels around the globe. Much of fabrics originated from the Far East, which were the most interesting.

Today is the last day of the exhibit. Drop by.

Pumpkin pie Episode 5: Behind the camera

This month’s Fashion Forum of Abreeza guested photographer Joji Alcantara and fashion stylist Otoy Mercado on stage to share their experiences and tips. Both are collaborating with M Magazine, this month’s event partner.

Media quorum at the Fashion Forum. Stlyist Otoy Mercado & photographer Joji Alcantara were guest speakers

For me, Joji’s best tip is “Find your genre, the style you are strongest at, and stick to that” while Otoy’s came from the business aspect of styling, “Everything should be carefully planned before a shoot so as not to waste time, because time is money.”

Jack-o-lantern Episode 1: Ding-dong bell.

Years back I received a text message from a store manager, not a friend or even an acquaintance. “We have a Christmas present for you. Please pick it up from our store.” Unique (read: kakaiba) is her PR practice.

Recently, another text message came, this time for the opening of the third store in the chain. Unfortunately, the PR practice hasn’t improved. It’s a “SAVE THE DATE” with “formal invitations to follow” message. Sounded okay? Nope.

She wanted me to “PLEASE CONFIRM ATTENDANCE” to the event through her ‘save the date’ text message. You’re the one (read: ikaw na!).

Ding dong bell. Someone’s at the door to pick up her three Jack-O-Lanterns.

Jack-o-lantern Episode 2: Litrato ni lola.

Sorry, this episode is so good/bad that it earned a guaranteed spot on the Lemons category of the Apples & Lemons Annual Awards for publishing in December. That’s something to look forward to.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on November 01, 2015.