Brown is beautiful

I CAN’T preach on how to diet because as of today I am seeing red marks on my health report card.

Even with a (not so strict) diet, the absence of exercise will make you gain weight. One will not work without the other. It’s forever a tandem.

The calories I have been taking in for the day is more than what I burn.

The constant binging on desserts is never a good idea either (but who can resist those sweet things?). Thus, the fat cells are happy and inviting more guests. Either I start moving or pay my good ol’ doctor a visit and eject the illegal settlers forcibly.

There was a time when I did a low-carb diet and even a no-carb diet, and hit the gym for hours. I was always tired after the routine. It was proof that carbohydrates are the fuel to get us going and the protein to build muscles, but that fact is very elementary.

I infused carbs into my diet and went for the healthier options- whole wheat bread, wheat pasta and brown rice. Brown is beautiful, I kept telling myself, and it worked for me.

We need carbs when exercising. It's our fuel to get us going. Yes, I have been patronizing the product for a long time now.

One in the market is Sun Made Brown Rice. It is locally grown, proudly Mindanao product, guaranteed fresh because it’s vacuum-packed in smaller quantities and delivered after each milling, it’s organic, it’s good for the heart because it’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that significantly lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease, and what’s impressive is that the label practices fair trade, so it helps the farmers.

Organic, healthy, locally-grown & practices fair trade.

“We buy the grains from the farmers higher than the current market price to encourage them to grow more.” said Carlo Lorenzana, VP of Sun Made, and added, “So, when you buy Sun Made Brown Rice, you help small farmers get better income.”

When you buy Sun Made Brown Rice, you help small farmers get better income.

Recently, the healthy label inked a partnership with WapatDC, a cycling group in Mindanao whose advocacy is to promote Mindanao tourism through cycling. In essence, the tie-up will promote health, fitness and tourism as well.

“We want to show people how beautiful Mindanao is, especially from a point of view on a two-wheel vehicle. It’s a different experience,” said Victor Magno, co-founder of WapatDC.

WapatDC pedalled to Buluan, Maguindanao Province. (From Wapat FB page)

Sun Made will be providing WapatDC with financial, promotional and co-branding support.

Sun Made Brown Rice For health & Mindanao tourism

“We’re very excited. We want to be in the forefront of health and fitness, and now we’re doing our small share for Mindanao tourism. It makes us much more prouder to be a business from Mindanao for Mindanao,” said Carlo.

In the same gathering, Sun Made also introduced health conscious individuals to share their personal stories on how their diet, which included brown rice, has aided them achieve their personal health goals.

Health advocates + Sun Made Brown Rice

Hearing them all, made me think, I should start moving and go back to my healthy lifestyle before the belly fats go out of control, my clothes “shrink” any further, and my bad cholesterol rejoice and aim for high scores.

Extra rice, please.