McDonald’s In-store Parties are back to give families and friends a celebration to remember!

Never too old for a McDo party!

You can once again get together at McDonald’s for a safe, fun, and convenient way to celebrate birthdays or milestones with the ones you love

Birthdays are one of the most treasured milestones in a person’s life, but with the restrictions from the past couple of years, Filipinos— both young and old— have limited their own celebrations within close-knit groups. Now, after two years, McDonald’s is officially opening its doors and inviting family and friends to once again celebrate birthdays and milestones in-store through McDo Party!

Families and members of the hyperlocal community such as nurses, teachers, delivery riders, and BPO employees came together today to celebrate their kids at McDonald’s Davao Bajada for the 2nd leg of the McDo Party Roadshow. Because today, everyone is a celebrant! Be MSafe and ready to celebrate with McDo Party!

Celebrating kids at the McDo Party

McDonald’s Guest Experience Leaders (GEL), Guest Experience Managers (GEM), GADC Family & Local Store Marketing Team, Greenbulb Communications

With its spacious and sanitized party areas, lively and energetic hosts, and party perks for both celebrants and guests, everyone is sure to have a celebration to remember with McDo Party! Celebrants have a variety of party packages and exciting themes to choose from like crowd-favorites Happy, Barbie, Hotwheels, and Thomas & Friends.

What’s most exciting is of course the McDo favorites that everyone can enjoy— with a variety of food mixes to choose from! 

The McDo Birthday Party package includes a completely decorated party room, full hosting, 30 invitations inclusive of party hats, activity tray mats, big balloons; 10 guest giveaways, assorted game prizes, and a free gift for the celebrant. 

What’s more, planning a McDo Party is easy and hassle-free with 3 simple steps - (1) choose a McDo branch, date, and time for your party (2) pick a party theme (3) choose your preferred food package.

To ensure all guests are M Safe in their return to McDo Parties, McDonald’s will be enforcing safety protocols such as wearing of face masks, social distancing and continuous sanitation. Celebrants are also requested to fire out candles with an alternative material.

Sanitize upon entrance

With all the challenges of the past few years, now’s the time to get together and celebrate! With McDo Party, celebrate more than just a birthday— celebrate family, friends, and feel-good moments. Book your next celebration at McDo Party by visiting a McDonald’s store near you! #CelebrateNaUlitSaMcDo

Table service during meal time as part of MSafe Protocols

For those who prefer to celebrate at home, McDonald’s can bring the party to you through the McDo Party Box available via take-out, drive-thru and McDelivery for an indoor celebration experience. Each Party Box includes 1 McSpaghetti Platter for 5, 1 Chicken McShare Box for 5, 5 regular Coke, and Party Box of amenities for only P999.

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